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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Committee on HIV/AIDS

The Executive Council Committee on HIV/AIDS (p. 682ff)

The Committee holds meetings twice a year, and its members have also attended meetings and conferred with numerous other HIV/AIDS service organizations outside the Church.

The Committee’s own stated purpose is four-fold:
1) increasing awareness with-in the Episcopal Church,
2) reduce effects of stigmatizing,
3) identifying those that we are leaving out, and
4) identifying ministries and resources within the Church

The Committee essentially admits failure in the paragraph “Church’s Response”. The only modest “success” seems to come through other church programs, not this Committee. They also admit to “a lack of collaboration among entities working on the pandemic, both within and without the church …”


A158: Continues the committee.
A117: Restates purposes, but assigns the work of this committee to the Committee on Health, thereby dissolving the HIV/AIDS committee.

Deputies must choose between the two resolutions.

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