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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How we enter Ecumenical & Interfatih relationships

This is the abstract of the theology the Episcopal Church uses when entering into relationships with other religious bodies. From the Blue Book, pg 134 and following:

The Theological Statement on Interreligious Relations outlines the manner and rational by which we as a church involve ourselves in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and the context and historical prospective by which we do dialogue. The foundation of scripture, tradition and reason are used to form our understanding of relationships. We profess a particular understanding of salvation, but that is something we ought not to use to disprove others, but rather as a gift we bring to the dialogue table. “Effective and meaningful dialogue will only take place where there is gentleness, honesty and integrity.” In other words, we are uniquely Anglican and yet open to the traditions of others. Witness, pilgrim, servant, prophet, ambassador, host and sacrament are the means by which we share in mission – not denying others, but standing upon the rock of these things we hold dear. Living in a global setting we have new situations for mission and evangelism, standing close to those of religious belief in all places. These new situations call us to be more open and willing to listen to others as we continue our journey of faith. This document is the foundation by which future dialogues will occur.

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