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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Church size and attendance

Earlier this week I wrote about the Pension Fund's report to General Convention and the number of congregations in the Church. I have played with the figures a bit and this is interesting.

On average, there are 819,635 Episcopalians in church on Sunday morning. Of those in church:

22% (182,000) attend a Family-sized congregation (Average Sunday Attendance-ASA-between 1-75)

23% (187,596) attend a Pastoral-sized congregation (ASA 75-140)

23% (185,013) attend a Transitional-sized congregation (ASA 141-224)

21% (172,776) attend a Program-sized congregation (ASA 225-399)

11% (92,250) attend a Resource-sized congregation (ASA 400 +)

Please remember that these are averages. It is highly likely that the percentage for Resource-sized and Family-sized congregations is larger, but this figure is based upon a low ASA.

The Very Rev. Ronald H. Clingenpeel

14 days to the start of General Convention


  1. Hi, your statistics seem wrong. There were only 727,000 in domestic attendance in 2007, 734,000 if you include the non domestics dioceses.

    Maybe your figures are from 2005? Attendance has dropped drastically since then (which is why the church needs to right size itself now if it is going to survive - it is top heavy, too many expensive bishops and dioceses, and not enough clergy in parishes (1/3rd of parishes do not have full time clergy, yet the church can pay some bishops salaries of more that $200,000 pa before all the other fringe benefits?)

  2. Please remember that these are averages based upon ASA weekly attendance. The point was the percentage of people attending churches by size. The figures you quote do not change the percentages.


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