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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Congregations of the Church

Serving the Church in a Season of Change, is the report from the Church Pension Group to the General Convention. It has a lot of information regarding pensions, insurance, and the like. Here are some statistics that bear sharing with our readers.

Congregational size is based upon Average Sunday Attendance. The numbers in brackets indicate the ASA for each titled congregation.

Number of Family Sized Congregations (1-75): 3640

Family Sized without full-time clergy or lay employees: 2526

Family Sized with full-time clergy: 1114 (family congregations normally do not have full-time clergy)

Pastoral Sized Congregations (76-140): 1737

Transitional Sized Congregations (141-225): 1011

Program Sized Congregations (225 - 400): 552

Resource Sized Congregations (401+): 205

Total Episcopal Congregations: 7145
Family Sized: 51%
Pastoral: 24%
Transitional: 14%
Program: 8%
Resource: 3%

15 days to the start of General Convention

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