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Friday, June 12, 2009

Public Narrative

Public Narrative is a process by which we learn how to tell our compelling story succinctly and clearly. It is a faith moment or segment of our lives that we can articulate so that others are engaged and invited into that story. From that, they find ways in which to tell their story.

These are faith stories meant to make a statement about our own spiritual growth. We learn this method of telling stories so that we can engage others on their faith journeys. By doing so, we bond as we all move forward in Christ.

The Public Narrative project will be used at General Convention to enable and empower the deputies to be story-tellers -- those who can articulate the faith. Then, the deputies are asked to take this method back to our congregations and engage others in this process. The hope is to enable most of us in the Episcopal Church to be able to talk about our faith and engage others in that faith.

This is a large project and it is hoped that it will have lasting consequences in the life of the church. Episcopalians are not good about witnessing to the faith. It is difficult for us, because it is not really a part of our DNA, as it were. While other Christians are more at ease about witnessing, we are a bit shy. But, if the Church is to grow, we have to find ways to speak about our faith so that others might engage the Gospel.

This is not about preaching, but about being a witness for Christ. It is about telling personal stories. It is about being bold in proclaiming how God and Christ have been a part of our lives and why those incidents have called us into ministry and mission. It is a part of evangelism. That word can strike terror into the hearts of Episcopalians, but it is at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus told the apostles to go and tell -- and that message is a pertinent to us today as it was 2000 years ago.

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