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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Standing Committee on Ministry Development

This report reviews the work of the seminaries of the church, but it seems dated since at least one (Seabury-Western) is closing its doors soon, which was not mentioned.

There is praise for the General Board of Examining Chaplains for their new grading scheme of the General Ordination Exams (GOEs) and for their experiment in having readers mark only one canonical area in 2009 -- the latter was not implemented in 2009. It also contains the mysterious observation that action on one area (website with continuing formation ideas) was delayed because "it was not clear whether or not there was an Office for Ministry Development in the new regime..."

Resolutions include:

A 103 To authorize development and maintenance of a Continuing Education Resources website.

A 104 Asking Dioceses to implement programs called "Breaking New Ground" which are multicultural leadership development programs.

A 105 Continued funding for Fresh Start (a program that helps integrate new clergy into a diocese) and for evaluation etc. of the program.

A 106 one on reducing the debt incurred by seminarians (which is significant in the 21st Century).

A 107 giving money to Society for the Increase of Ministry to increase the grants they give to seminarians.

A080 and A145 on discernment for ordination for people with disabilities and a review of racism in the ordination process.

The Supplementary materials on the Blue Book CD, about PEALL (Proclaiming Education for ALL) deal with an effort to develop a strategic vision for ongoing ministry formation for the baptized and ordained alike. It seems like a fairly unwieldy project.

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