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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The AB of C

Well, folks, midday hello from Anaheim.

I was just in the 11:00 meeting of Committee 8 - World Mission. They were to begin on B033, but this was deferred to pass either D026 or D027, about adopting the Five Mission goals of the Anglican Communion. I was puzzled, so I thought I would just have to wait for B033.

THEN - the reason for the change became apparent. In walked the Archbishop of Canterbury with a couple of his aides and hosts. He remained in the meeting, hearing the mundane deliberations about wording, etc. The committee chair, Gay Jennings of Ohio, really tried to push it to a vote while he was there, but the committee would have none of that. The resolution language calls for the ABofC to be notified about this by the Secretary of GC.

All in all, the Archbishop was in the committee session for nearly a half hour. Yes, he really does look much like he does on TV, except that somehow I had the impression that he was a bit taller and lankier than he is in person. Also, he has a very genuine smile which doesn't always show through in press conferences. [The B033 discussion, which will be followed by several more, began after the ABofC left.]

Perhaps the presence of the ABofC had something to do with it, but today I encountered the first protesters outside the convention center. Four guys who looked to me like displaced hippies from the 70s. Now that I think about how they looked, maybe a couple of them have been around since the 70s. They were shouting a whole variety of Scripture verses, screaming as loudly as they could.

Also, Integrity is having a t-shirt "unveiling" tomorrow. Everyone is supposed to wear one to the Eucharist, but they're asking that we don't wear them until then. The shirts say
I am a witness
to God's
inclusive love!
General Convention 2009
These were being "given away" to all who asked, but they were warmly accepting $5 donations for each shirt. I don't know how long they will last. I was there early and so there were substantial stacks, but there are a lot of Integrity-friendly folks here. Yes, I did bring along my rainbow suspenders to sport with the t-shirt.

I'll add a little more mundane material (about legislation) a little later.



  1. Are you saying the committee chose to change the agenda -- and postpone discussion of B033 -- because they anticipated +Rowan's arrrival?

    BTW, thanks to you all for blogging!

  2. No, that is not it. We have a committee of the whole discussion of issues related to B033 tomorrow and again on Friday. This is part of our agenda and has been on the table for a good bit of time. It had nothing to do with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  3. Thanks for your note Fr. Ron. Most interested in which of the MO resolutions is being discussed, and it would be lovely if you all could give us a bit of the backstory about the life of this resolution coming from the Convention of the Missouri Diocese. Peace, Beth

  4. Yes, I know about the "committee of the whole" conversation in the HoD. But Don's post made it sound like the World Mission ctte changed its agenda to "shield" +Rowan. Perhaps I misunderstood.

    BTW, I am very glad that PHOD Anderson came up with this idea of a non-legislative conversation about B033 in the HoD. I do hope it is helpful to you all and to the World Mission Ctte.

    Remember, Ron et al, I'm closely following all the blogs and official communications. I'm maintaining a blogroll at my site so I can help others link to all the stories coming out of Anaheim.

  5. Yes, Beth. I think I'm asking for much the same.

  6. Lisa,

    I know I'm not always clear about what I mean, but let's give it another go. I don't think they were trying to "shield" the Archbishop from anything. Rather, I think they were trying to give him a live example of how TEC processes work by handling something with which he might be expected to be familiar. The committee thinking about proposed treatment of B033 was and is simply not formulated yet and won't be any time soon.

    Committee 8 was scheduled to discuss plans for how they would deal with the Committee of the Whole discussion, in that they have evidently been given some responsibility for organizing and/or leading that discussion. This had already been announced as the topic for that 11:00 meeting. The truth is that it has been delayed at least twice because they are still working behind the scenes to figure out what to do before opening it up for more public discussion. But, then the co-chairs of this cognate committee got word about the ABofC popping in. They adapted the agenda in a way that I think was most appropriate - namely, getting something on the table that would illustrate the committee legislative process. To be frank, the status of their plans for B033 were simply not yet in order to be presented or discussed in front of an honored guest or any other observer - which might have been less than complimentary to the subcommittee and committee still working on it, not a "shield" for the Archbishop.

    After the meeting this evening, those plans for organizing the Thursday and Friday discussions are still not in place. A couple of committee members (Randy Dales, Ian Douglas, Mark Harris, and maybe others) are apparently preparing drafts which they hope to have ready for discussion at 7am tomorrow. This is NOT proposing what to do with B033 yet. It is about organizing what they will present at the Committee of the Whole discussion. To the best of my knowledge, the committee has not begun a process of weeding, condensing, rejecting, etc., the 16 or so resolutions about B033. This is apparently (and properly) being delayed until the discussions have been held.

    Beth, the only Missouri resolution about which I am aware of any action is C053, which is more of a procedural handling rather than an issue of the content. C054, C055, and C056 will probably not be handled in any way at least until the Committee of the Whole sessions have concluded. They are in the hands of Committee 8. C052 is in the Communications committee (19), and I have not been following that.


  7. Thanks, Don. That makes good sense to me.


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