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Thursday, July 16, 2009

C061 - anti-discrimination canon; B029 - consent process

Hi, all who are interested in following legislation. You might want to check-out the current version of C061. It references Canon III.1.2, if you care to look that up. [I do not know if there is a corresponding resolution to update Canon III.1.3.]

It began as a resolution to insert "gender identity" and "gender expression" into the anti-discrimination list, since these issues are not the same as sexual orientation and no other term on the list covers them. The Deputies passed it and sent it on to the Bishops. Yesterday, the Bishops returned the item to the Deputies after making (IMHO) sweeping changes.

1. The language no longer specifically bans discrimination on the now-familiar list of grounds.
2. The language is now a guarantee: "All baptized persons" have "full access" to any ministry, lay or ordained.

As some supporters have said, "What don't we understand about 'all'?" At the same time, in a country with a long and regrettable history of discrimination, it is sad to lose the language where we disavow improper discrimination.

The Deputies have yet to vote on the change. It's not clear whether they will vote this afternoon or tomorrow or possibly at a special meeting called this evening. Moreover, I have no sense of what might happen with this.

Also, B029 is headed from the Bishops to the Deputies for concurrence. It changes the process for consents to episcopal elections. It currently is that, if elected within the 120 days before General Convention, the consent of Standing Committees is replaced by the consent of the House of Deputies at GC. B029 makes it the consent of Standing Committees at all times, eliminating the special 120-day period.

Other deputies may bring you up to date on the health plan and pension plan adoptions. I haven't followed that closely enough, and I'd probably confuse both you and me.

C056 is still pending. I am not sure when it will come up on the agenda. There may be a call for that special meeting tonight, causing our deputies to miss the E4GR U-2Charist at which our Provost Mike Kinman will be preaching.


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