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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The calm before the Storm

Okay, maybe not "before the storm" but before the first legislative day...
We are taking turns blogging. Your bloggers this evening are Lydia Agnew Speller and Mike Clark.

I arrived Sunday quite late having done church in the a.m. Monday was pretty free except for making sure that we registered and catching up with any legislation reading... A bunch of deputies went out for dinner in "Downtown Disney" , a kind of shopping and eating mall. The restaurant was really quite good, "Mediterranean", quite elegant.

By today the deputies and alternates were all here. Dan Smith has set up computers for us to use and carried in White Wine and treats of various kinds. We meet in the evening to update each other on what is going on. The ECW Delegates were arriving yesterday also but I haven't seen any of them yet.

Some fun things about Tuesday:

I was chatting with the Youth Presence delegates from Province V when they saw the PB walking by on her way to the platform for the welcome session. I told them to go say hi, and they did and she stopped and chatted with them. What I loved about this is that she could easily have had handlers who whisked her to the platform but instead she ambles across, more than having time for these great teen-agers.

Marshall Ganz talked about the Public Narrative project and was engaging and lively and clear and a fabulous teacher. The sample narrative was by the Michael Pipkin, priest in charge of the Falls Church in VA, the "remnant" of a church which split and joined another province. It was great. I have a lot to say about the Public Narrative Project but not today. (I am already a day behind in blogging)

We've heard a lot about the convention theme of Ubuntu.

Deputy Orientation included a "role play" of the process of proposing, amending, etc. a resolution. The sample resolution proposed that each deputation should have a mascot. The amendment proposed instead that each deputy should wear a hat or perhaps a crown. Resolutions were proposed by by Disney themed deputies, Deputy Cinderella from the diocese of Neverland, Deputy Hephalump from the diocese of Pooh Corner, you get the gist. It was a fun way to remind ourselves of the rules of order and parliamentary procedure.

You can read a lot about the Convention at the Communications Hub which is here. You can also track the progress of legislation from this page.
Here you can see the text of every resolution submitted, which committee it has been assigned to AND (new this year) you can see a list of which legislation is having committee hearings when.

Meanwhile, if you are on the right side of our hotel, you can see fireworks at Disney Land every night and temperatures over 100 are predicted for next week.
Okay, so I was supposed to blog yesterday. I am instead blogging this a.m. (first legislative day) and have go to now! Thanks for your prayers and your interest.

Lydia Agnew Speller

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  1. Thanks for your observations, Lydia. It must be wearisome to blog after a long day of work, but I am grateful.


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