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Monday, July 13, 2009


About 45 minutes ago, the chair in the House of Deputies announced that D025 had passed in both orders. The numbers were not exactly the same, but they were so close that the percentage in each order was 72%-28%. Again, this is more than 2/3rds, but not quite 3/4ths.

It was passed without further amendment, and the final form is on the legislation webpage. Both Houses have now passed it in the same form. It is done.

If I understood the announcement correctly, the House of Bishops has put off discussion on C056 until tomorrow afternoon. Again today there was an executive session after the lunch break. It lasted for at least 45 minutes. And then there was the announcement of the delay to allow time for further discussions, presumably informal.

A group of about two dozen ecumenical and inter-faith leaders were welcomed to each house and their greetings were received by the Deputies and the Bishops. Most interesting was a vocal presentation, presumed to be all on the same familiar Psalm text "The Lord bless you and keep you ..." It was sung together in their respective languages by a Jewish cantor, a Muslim that sounded much like their call to prayer (sorry, I don't know the correct term), and a Christian singing in English. It was most dramatic and striking and extremely beautiful, all excellent singers, to say nothing of the impact of the inter-faith cooperation. As it drew to a conclusion, the Muslim (who was the tallest) put his arm first around the Christian and then around the Jew as their singing came to a conclusion. I heard this done in both houses. The better performance and the embraces were in the House of Bishops.


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  1. Sorry if there is any confusion about the date and time. What's showing here makes no sense at all. My note on D025 was written at about 4:00 PDT on Tuesday, July 14. Disregard any other info.


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