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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did we do anything else?

Just in case people are wondering, we do a lot of other things at General Convention besides talking about full inclusion of GLBT people... One surprising challenge was consenting to the election of the bishop of Ecuador Central. As you will remember, elections of bishops which happen within four months of GC are voted on in GC. This case is a little unusual, however, because the diocese was in such conflict that it asked the House of Bishops to elect a bishop for it, which is a process available under the canons. The deputation from Central Ecuador seemed divided about the whole process. Some of the argument of those who did not want the Deputies to consent was about the decision not to have the election locally. It seems to be a sad and complicated situation and one hopes that the new bishop will be able to heal what seems like a small and conflicted diocesan community.

We have voted on two Evangelism issues, one the development of an "evangelism toolkit" to help the church reach out to under represented groups and the other a huge (and expensive) initiative to evangelize the Latino community. We have used a lot of Spanish in our liturgies, both in song and prayer, reminding us all of the Spanish speakers in our midst, both people from Province IX and people living in the continental US.

My legislative committee has considered resolutions about helping to finance ministry formation costs (seminary education or other preparation) and also about training indigenous people for ministry and/or helping clergy to have more multicultural awareness and fluency. Most of those resolutions have not come to the floor of the House of Deputies yet, since by tradition they would go to the House of Bishops first.

The tone of the house continues to be pleasant and respectful even though sometimes the voting process is tedious and frustrating and sometimes people will rise to say things that are probably not necessary... so by this point, half-way, it is easy to feel that we are WAY behind on legislation and everything that slows us down is annoying...

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  1. I read Lydia's comments in the deputation blog, namely " . . . helping clergy to have more multicultural awareness and fluency." Great! The title of my DMin thesis was "The Training and Proficiency of Clergy for Multicultural Ministry." One of the "aha's"in my research (2000-2001) was the small emphasis many of our seminaries placed on training for multicultural ministry. Some offered very good training, yet they tended to be the exceptions. I have not look at seminary curriculum since then, yet I can only hope it has improved.


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