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Friday, July 17, 2009

Join me in Applause for our Deputation and Guests Blogging from General Convention

You've seen their schedules these past ten days, packed from early morning through evening legislative session, with study, prayer, reflection, and conversation squeezed in between. Somehow our deputation found extra time to share their observations and help us feel, in real time, that we were with them in Anaheim.

Even if you are mostly a reader and not a commenter (like me), I hope you'll join me in offering heartfelt thanks to our deputation, our ECW representatives, and Debbie Smith, for the posts and pictures from this General Convention.


We offer our prayers for your safe journey back to Missouri and for additional rest when you return. We look forward to thanking you in person and understanding more about these past ten days at the upcoming hearing sessions in the diocese.

Beth Felice
Director of Communications
Diocese of Missouri


  1. Thanks. We still have some more to say...

  2. Thank you from all of us. Your prayers and support have been felt.

    Ron +

  3. Amen to Beth's comments.
    Y'all have done great work, with probably too little sleep and food.
    I am grateful.


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