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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so much with the official stuff

A few of us lucky souls have the luxury of watching what's happening at General Convention without having much responsibility. I've been enjoying hanging out with old friends, seeing a bit of Southern California, and watching the kids at GC. I'm also paying attention to the legislation, but others are writing about that, and doing some Sudan networking, which I'm writing about in LuLuLui. Here's a little random local color:

Out at the pool I got to listen to a mom who's a TEC staffer facilitate her daughter's social life. The little girl was maybe 8, and she'd made a friend. Every few minutes she came out of the pool to make a suggestion: "Mom, I could just go to her room to play for a while. I wouldn't spend the night." "Mom, her family is going to the beach tomorrow. I could go with them..." Eventually the mom left her conversation with me and went to talk with the new friend's parents.

On my way to the room today, I met a preadolescent girl walking down the hall. She was saying into her cell phone, "I'm so lucky that my mom and dad got me my own room key. It's my very first time!"

Our own Will, son of Tamsen Whistler and Bob Brown, seems to be having a good convention. He is hard at work volunteering, but he saunters in to participate in nightly deputation debriefings with good cheer and lots of patience. And another teenage boy you might know from the Flower Festival, Austin from the Diocese of Olympia, greeted me in the spouse room with a hug and has been the soul of solicitude for the comfort and happiness of the bishops' spouses (although mostly he's going to Disney and the beach).

For all their quarreling on the floor of their houses, Episcopalians are classically civil and pleasant to each other. Every day the elevator offers new adventures and new friends, as the nametags we all wear give us an easy entree into conversation. The accents alone are loads of fun...

The members of the deputation are working very hard, and I am impressed by their interest in the committee work of each other and their unflagging politeness and patience with the process. It doesn't seem like they are getting much sleep or the best nutrition; several of them are trying to keep up at least a little at work via email and cell phones, and at least one of them severely misses her family. Last night we all went to dinner at one of the NOLA Brennan family's restaurants and had all kinds of Cajun-based delights. That was thanks to Dan Smith, who is taking care of us all in his usual unflappable way.

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  1. Thanks! We wondered what bishop's spouses do all day...:)

    Can you write about the Sudan bishops and stuff, too?


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