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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Regarding B033 - What next?

I know some people may believe that General Convention 2006 Resolution B033 will just die on the vine as we begin a new convention three years later, but it may not be quite that easy. There is reason to believe that if we do not ‘undo’ B033, it will continue to be used to discriminate against well-qualified and competent candidates for the episcopacy.

I found the following explanation clear and informative (see link below). It is written by Integrity. They’ve done a good job of describing the next steps for B033 in a fair and objective way. Please take a moment to read this to understand why it is important for us to deal with this now. If we hide from it, this legislation will continue to do more damage to our church in the future.

Missouri has a direct role in trying to move our church beyond B033. Resolution C054 was submitted by the 2008 Convention of the Diocese of Missouri. It will start in Committee number 8 on World Mission. The other four Missouri resolution numbers, titles and committees of origin are listed below.

Committee : Communications (cmte 19) C052 Increased Media Coverage of Global Crises
Committee: World Mission (8) C053 Continuing Support for MDG's
Committee: World Mission (8) C054 Regarding GC 2006 B033
Committee: Ministry (14) C055 Same Gender Committed Relationships
Committee: Prayer Book, Liturgy & Music (13) C056 Liturgies for Blessings

You can track the progress of all of these resolutions by going to the General Convention – Legislation website:

The easiest way to track all 5 Missouri resolutions is to go to the above link, click on 'View Legislation'; on the page that pops up, click on the drop-down box showing (All Sources) and select ‘C – Diocese/Province’, then click on ‘Refresh’. The Missouri resolutions are on the second page, resolution numbers C052-C056.

I hope this helps. I’m proud of the work of our diocesan convention and I hope you are, too.
Mike Clark

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