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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Last week we posted a note regarding cut backs in youth and young adult ministry at the Church Center. Below we have a reply from the Rev. Margaret Rose, who oversees much of the work of that part of our church offices. It is shared so as to inform you of current staffing and actions in youth and young adult ministry.

In the Mission Leadership Center, Douglas Fenton is the Program Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries, Jason Sierra-a new position-is Associate Program Officer and works in the Seattle office. They coordinate and mentor teams of young adult and campus leaders across the church through a variety of networks and communication strategies. Miguelina Espinal, coordinator of the Pastoral Leadership Search Effort works specifically to recruit young people into a ministry discernment process, with particular emphasis on young people of color. David Copley, Program Officer for Mission Personnel, along with assisting staff have a strong focus on Young Adults as the Young Adult Service Corps where 15 missionaries serve in countries around the world. Additionally, Kim Robey, program officer for women's ministries and leadership has a strong focus on young women, having recently brought a number of young adults to the United Nations commission on the status of Women meeting at the UN. She is involved in ecumenical work in this arena as well as having a focus on trafficking in women and girls.

In the Center for Evangelism and Congregational Life there is a continuing commitment to youth. Through the Lifelong Christian Formation offices overseen by Bronwyn Skov, our efforts are supported by Jeffri Harre in Children's Ministries, and Bronwyn Skov and Sheryl Poole in Youth Ministries. There is a commitment to the ministries of young adults through our various ethnic-specific offices: Anthony Guillen in Hispanic/Latino Ministries, Angela Ifill in Black Ministries, and Fred Vergara in Asian Ministries. This is in addition to the work of Ruth-Ann Collins in Adult formation. Also, Tom Brackett, as the Program Officer for Church Planting and Redevelopment, works extensively with young adults in the establishment of new Christian communities across the country.

These are just a few of the specific ways in which youth and young adult ministries are being resourced within the Episcopal church center. The fluid boundaries of the Center structure allow for collaboration among and across centers. One example of that work has been the recent collaboration of church school curriculum for children and families of military which was shared by the Federal Ministries office and that of Ruth Anne Collins in Adult and Children’s formation.

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