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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music churchwide consultation

Deputation members from Diocese of Missouri attending: Tamsen Whistler, rector of Trinity Church, St. Charles, and Lisa Fox, parishioner from Grace Church, Jefferson City.

Martha Baker, parishioner at Trinity Church, Central West End, is a member of the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music. Links: SCLM roster, SCLM meeting agendas and minutes, SCLM website 

Archived videos of the four Plenary sessions, and following press conference: Link

ENS: Deputies leave historic meeting eager to discuss same-gender blessings with wider church: General Convention 2012 will consider Episcopal Church's next steps. Link
Nearly 200 members of the Episcopal Church House of Deputies left a historic March 18-19 churchwide consultation on same-gender blessings here promising to tell their colleagues and their dioceses about the work they did in preparation for the 2012 General Convention. The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music invited one lay and one clergy deputy from each of the church's 109 dioceses and three regional areas to hear about and reflect on its work to date on the mandate given to it in General Convention 2009 Resolution C056.

ENS: Deputies gather for historic consultation on same-gender blessings: Churchwide consultation comes in anticipation of 2012 convention. Link

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