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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Structure of the Episcopal Church

On Tuesday evening, the Province V delegates heard a presentation about the Structure of the Episcopal Church.  Since Bishop Stacy Sauls became Chief Operating Officer, there has been a great deal of conversation on this topic. Bishop Sauls joined in a conversation with the Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows (Standing Commission the Structure of the Church), the Rev. Gay Jennings (Chair, House of Deputies Legislative Committee on Structure), and Bishop Jeff Lee (Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church).

Various bodies are exploring how the structure of the Church might be more responsive – and how the national structure might be more effective.

The Rev. Jennings reported that her committee has received 100 resolutions on this topic. She observed that “structure is the servant of mission.” Bishop Sauls reported that some 700 people participated in a recent webinar. Clearly, this is an important topic for The Episcopal Church.

Bishop Sauls outlined three modes of funding:
1.       the current method of diocesan assessments – but with all dioceses participating
2.       strategic deployment of staff – in partnership with dioceses
3.       fee-for-service partnerships – like cooperatives between dioceses and Church Center – in which dioceses could partner for services

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