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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Presiding Bishop in Province V

After the business of the Provincial Synod ended, we heard an address from the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, Katherine Jefferts Schori.  As she began her address, I had my pen in hand, intending to capture her talking points. But within a few minutes, I set my pen aside, for her address called us to more than talking points.  I’m not unduly enamored of the Presiding Bishop, but her address was like poetry. I can’t capture what she said.  Here are the key points I took away.

The Presiding Bishop called us again – as she has in many other addresses – to be deeply committed to the mission of the church.

She decried the culture of “winners and losers” in General Convention.  She urged us to find a way to have deep conversations. 

She urged us to find a way that General Convention can have conversations rather than confrontations.

In all this, I am with our Presiding Bishop.  After her address, I asked how we might open the General Convention to more dialogue rather than disputation.  She opened the question – asking us all how we might do that.  In response to another question, I think she suggested that we look to the ways that the Quakers and Moravians dialogue. 

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