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Friday, June 22, 2012

Presiding Bishop releases budget proposal for General Convention review

The Episcopal Church, Office of Public Affairs , June 21, 2012
full text/ release

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has released a Budget Proposal for consideration at the upcoming General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

“The heart of this body is mission – both domestic and foreign mission – in partnership with anyone who shares that passion,” Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori states in her Budget Proposal Message. “This Budget
Proposal is intended to help us reorient ourselves to that passion, to be true to who we are as the community of the baptized, to come to know ourselves as the friends of Jesus who are sent to heal the world.”
Citing Canon I.2.4(a)(1) which states that “responsibility for leadership in initiating and developing the policy and strategy in the Church” rests with the Presiding Bishop, she notes,  “I have, therefore, sought the development of a budget proposal that could be offered to General Convention which is more clearly based on missional strategy than the current draft proposed budget.”

The Presiding Bishop’s budget proposal is based and rooted on the Five Marks of mission and “takes mission as its organizing principle and uses the Five Marks of Mission endorsed by the General Convention as the strategic priorities for the budget as a moral document.”

She explains that her budget proposal includes input from staff, which was not the case in the current draft budget approved by Executive Council.  Citing the willing participation of staff, under the leadership of Bishop Stacy Sauls, Chief Operating Officer, the Presiding Bishop points to “a selfless and kenotic approach to the wellbeing of the whole Church, to which I know they [staff] are deeply committed.”

She concludes, “As in every age, our church is in need of reform, in order to engage the mission God has set before us.  This Budget Proposal is intended as the beginning of that reforming effort.  It sets out what we can do at this General Convention, and offers a strategic direction for the next era in this Church’s life as partners in healing God’s broken world.”

The Presiding Bishop’s Budget Proposal Message is printed in full in this release and is also located here.

The Presiding Bishop’s Budget Proposal is located here

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