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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celebrating South Sudan Independence Day at GC

report from Ev Smith and Debra Smith of the diocesan Companion Diocese Committee

AFRECS (American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan) has a booth in the exhibit hall, which both diocesan committee members have been staffing. Monday was Lui day at the AFRECS exhibit, the poster featuring photos and information about the Missouri-Lui partnership was displayed, along with the baskets from Lui and note cards from the children's art project, brought along to use as a fundraiser.

Ev, Debra, and Dan Smith (Ev's husband and Canon to the Ordinary) attended Monday's AFRECS luncheon. Originally slated for the Diocese of Missouri hospitality suite, with over 60 guests it outgrew the space. They heard from other dioceses that have companion relationships with South Sudan, and had visitors from the Diocese of Bor, including Bishop Ruben, who traveled to General Convention from South Sudan as guests of the Diocese of Indianapolis. Special guests Larry Duffee and Robin Denny who are past missionaries from E C S were at the luncheon. Both Larry and Robin have met many of the missioners who have traveled from Missouri to Lui on prior mission trips.

Richard Parkins (Executive Director of AFRECS) spoke on the continued need for advocacy and being a voice for the people of Sudan. Another important area of discussion was the sharing that went around the room on why partnerships make a difference in both Sudan and in the Dioceses that enter into relationships with Episcopal Church of Sudan. We also spoke of the need for other dioceses to foster relationships with dioceses in Sudan. Also attending were Russ Randle of AFRECS to talk about advocacy for Sudan and South Sudan; Elizabeth Boe and Petero Sabune of the Global Partnerships office at the Church Center; and Buck Blanchard, Director of Mission and Outreach for the Diocese of Virginia.

Later that evening, a Eucharist and celebration of the one year anniversary of South Sudan’s independence was held. Bishop Ruben preached and celebrated along with a bishop from Brazil and Bishop Wynick of Indianapolis. Ev wrote, "It was wonderful to again be immersed in the drums, singing and dancing as we gave thanks to God."

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  1. That national anthem is challenging, however! Did you sing that? Did you say hi to my friend Connie Fegley at AFRECS?


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