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Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 2, Legislative Session 1 HOD

Day 2, Legislative Session 1

Legislation Updates -- These resolutions were passed by House of Deputies today (and will become acts of convention if also passed by the House of Bishops):

D017 – Move towards paperless convention – asks General Convention planners to make all materials available electronically prior to and during the 78th convention (2015), and to make WiFi available in both houses.

A162 – Reaffirmed the Goal of an Archive Center

A003 – Sites under considerations for 79th GC (2018) – Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Charlotte (NC), Kansas City (West MO), Knoxville (East TN), added New Orleans (LA)

A011 – Reaffirmed Commitment to Millennium Developments goals

C033 Substitute – Endorsing Statehood for District of Columbia

A010 – Authorizing changes to Parochial Report to include data on non-traditional worshiping communities and to develop methods of documenting mission and outreach activity of the Church.

C083 – Asks every Episcopal diocese, cathedral, church and mission to invite their entire membership to and people beyond their church to read the entire Bible in 2013.

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