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Friday, July 6, 2012

HOD Day 2, Legislative Session 2

Day 2, Legislative Session 2

These resolutions were passed by House of Deputies today (and will become acts of convention if also passed by the House of Bishops):

We passed all 3 items on the Consent Calendar:
A019 – Continue Advocacy for Peace in Sudan
A141 – Request Funding ($15K) of Council of Episcopal Women’s Organizations
A129 – Increase aid for Ministry with Native Peoples

After learning that our addition of New Orleans violated our rules, we voted to reconsider, then we passed the original resolution to consider the originally proposed 5 locations as possible sites for the 2018 GC:  A003 – Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Charlotte (NC), Kansas City (West MO), Knoxville (East TN)

After discussion, we passed these resolutions:
A099 – Fund Web-Based Mid-Triennium CCAB Meeting $5K
A098 – Fund Joint meeting of the newly constituted CCABs following the 2012 GC
A009 – Fund House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church $30K
D016 – Expresses the will of GC to move Church Center headquarters away from Church Center building in NY and directs the Executive Council to sell the Church Center Building at 815 Second Avenue, New York City
A131 – Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

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