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Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th

Although most of us have been here and working in one capacity or another since Tuesday or Wednesday, today was our first official legislative day of General Convention 2012.  Our opening legislative session started at 8 AM and was primarily housekeeping.  We approved our daily schedule for the rest of convention, including the specific scheduling of certain elections.  The President appointed or the House elected Cornelia Eaton (Navajoland) as Chaplain, Polly Getz (San Diego) as parliamentarian, and Gregory Straub (Easton) as Secretary.  Recording secretaries, legislative secretaries, messaging secretaries (along with their assistants) were appointed, as well as all legislative committee chairs, co-chairs, secretaries and members.   The President appointed the agenda secretary, timekeepers, and song leader.  

After opening Eucharist, and two rounds of legislative committee meetings and hearings, we reconvened at 4:30 PM for our second legislative session of the day.  We addressed all the matters on the Day 1 calendar and supplemental calendar, including
the approval of several elected Bishops (including former Missourian Jake Owensby).  You can see the details of our daily calendars, legislative hearing and meetings schedules, and the status of all legislation at All resolutions approved today will be forwarded to the House of Bishops (HOB) for consideration.  Resolutions must pass both houses in the same exact language to become an official act of convention.  After our legislative session, most of the deputies, along with our ECW delegates, and a few guests from the Diocese of Missouri gathered together to review the day’s events and proposed legislation.  We had a lively discussion on the open communion (communion without required baptism) issue. Several committees held hearings this evening from 7:30 to 9 PM.  Legislative committee meetings will resume tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM.   

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