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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Long Day Ahead

Many of us were expecting to hold an evening legislative session Wednesday night due the the large amount of legislative material still before us in the House of Deputies.  However, the President of our House ruled no session tonight -- so we will be trying to prayerfully consider a large number of resolutions in our limited time tomorrow morning. We have decided to first address those matters that are assigned to our House as the House of Initial Action (HIA).  Once we have voted on those matters, they will need to be forwarded to the Bishops for their consideration.  We hope to consider all of these in our 8 AM to 11 AM session, before 11:30 AM worship.

After worship and a break for a lunch, we have a large number of resolutions placed on our consent calendar to be considered in one large block.  Then we will address numerous resolutions that have already been decided upon by the bishops, that require our concurrence to be finalized.

It will be a long day, hopefully, filled with patience, grace, and generosity of spirit.  Please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Thank you--all of you--for your hard work and service. My prayers are that your attention spans get a much deserved break when you get home!

  2. I think all the Missouri Deputies would offer an "I told you so" to the PHoD. We all knew that we should have continued our session Wednesday, so that Thursday would not have been so pressed for time. ... I would gladly have come back into session Wednesday night, and don't understand why the PHoD unilaterally deemed the session wasn't needed.


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