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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Missouri deputation sighting

from our friends in Fond Du Lac, across the aisle! (Click for a larger size.)


  1. Thanks for posting this photo, Beth. Let me add this.

    The hall for the House of Deputies is a huge, gargantuan hall, housing over 800 Deputies. Thanks to the luck of the draw, we Missouri Deputies are just two rows away from the main platform. We have a great seat!

  2. Hi Lisa, Thank you for checking in.
    Lydia showed me a great photo of the rally squirrel on the Missouri deputation sign. Unfortunately it's private on Facebook, so folks in the diocese can't see it. Might someone take a snap with a cellphone to share with folks? (It looked pretty cute.)

    How are you doing with temperature and hydration?

    The schedule sounds grueling. I tuned in for a bit of the Presbyterian General Assembly..last night tonight. They've just set up coffee stations in Pittsburgh and said the vendors would be open until midnight.


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