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Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday chat room, links from the day, press overview

Good morning! Monday's chat room is now open and ready for your observations, questions for the deputation, and anything else you'd like to add.

Today has already begun with hearings. Worship at 8:30 am (CDT) will include a hymn by Bishop Wayne. The service is streamed on the media hub. Often, the preacher's sermon text is released shortly thereafter, and so far, a video of the sermon has been added to that text later in the day or in early evening. The music is not usually included in the archived video, and I would assume that is because of the raft of permissions needed/cost.

A huge thank-you to deputation members who posted a lot late last night!

The draft budget was completed by Program Budget and Finance committee (PB&F).
ENS story on the last budget hearing, last night's video from PB&F co-chair Bp. Steve Lane.
"In all of the hearings, with all of the contentious issues before us, there is nonetheless a sense of graceful waiting on one another, patience with one another, real civility towards one another. I think despite all the concerns that this... would be a rancorous convention, it is not turning out that way. My ctte, PB&F, completed the budget today. We had to complete it by today so it could be translated into Spanish. We're all a little bit surprised that we're done, and we're spending overnight making sure there are no errors." -Bishop Steve Lane, Diocese of Maine.
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  1. Yes, a big thank you to our Missouri Deputation and the >12 hour days they have been clocking in serving our diocese and the larger church! Thanks for going above and beyond and blogging your experiences.

  2. This morning's worship was again amazing. I had intended to screen-capture Bp Wayne's hymn, which I did but we could only hear organ not singing. But, I hope I also got some of the First Nation flute and then the bowed psaltery and hammered dulcimer playing celtic hymn tune verses.

    The sermon will be so interesting to diocesemo folks involved with feeding ministries, planning on going to hear Sara Miles, or thinking about the missional model. Mary Christ talks about her first 6 months at her new cure. It's a story of stone soup ministry, built around a garden, and it will give you much to think about. If today is like other days, the hyperlink to text will appear shortly, and a video will be added nearer the end of the day.

    1. Here is the first link to Mary Crist's sermon (note correct spelling!)

      I would imagine later in the day another story, hopefully with video, will appear on ENS

    2. Permalink

      One day I witnessed a woman leaning up against the wall outside the office. She looked lonely, and I asked her if she would like to help us hang some pictures. She now runs the office after the secretary leaves. She is a new person. Her compensation is a monthly bus pass. Recently, she began a new ministry to cook meals using fresh food from the garden. She wanted to feed some of our homeless friends. “They can’t cook on the street,” she said, and she responded.

  3. Melodie Woerman has written up Structure ctte's hearing and outlines C065 substitute, which passed the ctte unanimously this morning, a blueprint for moving forward with restructuring.

    "It creates a special task force of up to 24 people who will gather ideas in the next two years from all levels of the church about possible reforms to its structures, governance and administration. Their work will culminate in a special gathering of people from every diocese to hear what recommendations the task force plans to make to the 78th General Convention. Its final report is due by November 2014."

  4. Diocesan ECW President Karen Birr just reported from Indianapolis: A wonderful announcement at 11 am today at the ECW Triennial as UTO grants were announced. Congratulations to Historic All Saints' Episcopal Church, who has received a grant for $10,000 for the All Saints Music & Arts Village, Historic All Saints, to purchase a digital piano, learning lab, and guitars, for a start up music program for underprivileged neighborhood children.

    Leave them a note of congratulations on their Facebook page:!/allsaintsmav

  5. Diocese of West Missouri has a very active group at GC. Follow them on their Facebook group:!/groups/2205070861/

    A moment of levity: The General Convent-Onion

  6. After a good hour of discussion, HOB votes on A049 Blessing Liturgy for Same Sex relationships passes, 111 yes, 41 no, 3 abstain.

  7. Washington Post: Episcopal bishops OK trial gay blessing prayer; full church affirms transgender ordination

    MSNBC: Episcopal bishops approve resolution to bless gay unions

    AP:Episcopal bishops OK trial gay blessing prayer


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