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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday Schedule, legislative day 5, July 9th

Live webcast on the Media Hub

(times in central daylight savings time)

8:30 am Eucharist. The celebrant will be Bishop David Bailey of Navajoland. Preacher will be the Rev. Dr. Mary Crist. The Rev. Terry Star (North Dakota) will serve as deacon. Commemorated on that day will be Samson Occum, the first ordained Native American minister. One of Bishop Wayne's hymns will be sung.

10:15-Noon House of Deputies legislative session 
10:15-Noon House of Bishops legislative session

1:15-5:30 pm House of Deputies legislative session
1:15-5:30 pm House of Bishops legislative session

5:45 pm Eastern (after close of afternoon session) – Media Conference


Early morning hearings with these committees: 
Canons, Structure, World Mission, National and International Concerns, Social and Urban Affairs, Evangelism, Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music, Ministry, Church Pension Fund, Stewardship and Development, Ecumenical Relations, Communications.
You can track the resolutions addressed in these hearings on the general convention site:

Additional Events

Today, July 9 is Independence Day in South Sudan. This is also the day celebrating the Missouri/Lui partnership at the AFRECS (American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan) booth, and they are hosting a lunch for 60 in the Diocese of Missouri hospitality suite.


  1. Thank you, Beth, for posting this information. Weird as it is, we here in Indianapolis had no idea who would be preaching or celebrating on Monday.

  2. The AFRECS lunch has outgrown the MO hospitality suite and will be in a hotel banquet room, but AFRECS very much appreciates our diocese's willingness to provide the space.


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