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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday chat room now open

For participants and your chats here.

Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina gave such a rousing sermon, crazy Christians. I haven't seen any archived videos but I'll look for this one.

Legislative sessions just beginning is a full day. Bishops have members involved with ECW so ballotting will be this afternoon.


  1. ECW president Marcia Hines is speaking to the HOD

    You can see streaming of HOB/HOD legislative sessions at

  2. GC Youth presence members (2) speaking to HOB

  3. I'm over watching HOB streaming. It's like C-SPAN in purple. Just saw +Wayne talking about the anomaly in the BCP lectionary!

  4. The feeds are pretty jumpy this afternoon.

    Our bishop is getting a lot of mic time as the cognate chair of Prayerbook Liturgy ctte.

    A050 with substitution just passes, but not unanimously.

  5. Video of Bp Curry's sermon this morning (and text)

  6. Here is a link for the deputation from Science Blog, "Caffeine, A User's Guide"

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  7. I was thinking that the streaming of HOD sessions puts quite a lot of pressure on deputies to remain awake and alert. And I now that after burning the proverbial GC candle at both ends, this is sometimes difficult. Hopefully Beth's caffeine article will help the deputies with this!

  8. From today's media update:
    All dioceses are accounted for (Ecuador Literal had not checked in yesterday)
    Registered are 167 bishops in the House of Bishops
    House of Deputies: 427 clergy, 421 lay members

    Presenters were Deputy Gay Jennings, Ohio
    Deputy Rosalie Simmonds-Ballentine, Virgin Islands
    Bishop Prince Singh, Diocese of Rochester

    Jennings, the cognate chair of the ctte on structure spoke about the work of their committee, and the legislation they would be bringing in the next days to determine how the conversation on restructuring the church will happen during the next triennium. She spoke about the one resolution that HOD passed today, going back to a pre 1947 model, where when a bishop is elected presiding bishop, they do not have to resign their diocesan episcopacy. "By creating some flexibility here, there is some possibility of imagining the presiding bishop's role in a new way," said Jennings. The standing ctte which will elect the next presiding bishop will be elected in this convention, and this resolution was seen as giving them additional "flexibility."

    Ballentine chairs the world mission ctte. Last night they held hearings on the Anglican Covenant but did not offer any resolutions about that today. They did pass out of the HOD a request for increased funding of missionaries (800,000) and a resolution to fulfill support agreements with "covenant partners."

    Each resolution must be passed with the same wording in both houses, the deputies and the bishops. These resolutions travel now to the House of Bishops. If that house edits or amends a resolution, it will have to travel back to the deputies for approval.

    Singh spoke about the visitors to their house, including two representatives from the official youth presence. [Directly after their presentation one of the bishops asked if the text of their presentation would be available at a later date--we'll keep a lookout for it.) The bishops passed quite a few resolutions from ministry, stewardship, small congregations, prayerbook liturgy and music, evangelism, and social and urban affairs.

    There were few media persons there, two of the three questions were asked by Virtue Online bloggers, and had to do with specifics on the HOD passed resolution allowing the presiding bishop to continue in their diocesan capacity.After having them restate their questions, Jennings replied it was difficult to answer without veering off into complete speculation. Jennings emphasized that charting the course for the restructuring conversation to happen in the next triennium is just beginning.

  9. One topic identified at all three of our listening sessions was that of open communion (communion without baptism). It seems to be taking a different path after the Evangelism committee hearings, and perhaps Deputy Mike Clark who is on that ctte can give us some more insight into how that is developing in the HOD.

    A blog post about this topic which might be of interest is from Diocese of Virginia's Center Aisle.

  10. Most Episcopal News Service summaries of the day will be filed between 10-11 pm central time.

    At this time there is a recap of that amazing sermon by Bishop Michael Curry from this morning, and an article about bishops and spouses running the ECW 5 K tomorrow in memory of Mary Ellen Smith, wife of the Bishop of Southwest Florida, who died this past March.

  11. I am jealous! It's now 11:47 pm in Indianapolis, and it seems that you all know more than I (a Deputy in Indianapolis) know about what's happening in the whole Convention and especially in the House of Bishops.

    I envy you your connectivity!


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