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Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday Schedule, Day 3, July 7th

Live on the Media Hub (all times Central Daylight Savings time)

8:30 am Worship and Eucharist. The celebrant will be Bishop Catherine Waynick of the Diocese of Indianapolis, the host diocese of GC12. Preacher will be Bishop Michael Curry
of North Carolina. The Rev. Cecily Sawyer-Harnon (Delaware) will serve as deacon. Harriet Beecher-Stowe, humanitarian and author, will be commemorated.

11:45 am  Special media conference with House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson

10:15-11:45 am, 1:15-5:30 pm House of Deputies legislative sessions

10:15-11:45 am, 1:15-5:30 pm House of Bishops legislative sessions

6:00 pm, press conference with one bishop, two deputies, cleric and lay, and public affairs officer Neva Rae Fox. Short summary statements and questions.

Tomorrow's hearings and resolutions
On the General Convention site, real time legislation tracking page, you can follow the schedule for tomorrow's hearings (all times are  Eastern):
You'll see that the Structure committee hearing at 7:30 am lists 57 resolutions, the Program, Budget and Finance committee has two hearings in the evening which will consider three resolutions, etc. You can then look up the resolution by number.

If you are interested in resolutions on a particular topic, there is a finding guide on the main page, first column.


  1. I appreciate Beth's helping on this blog. Beth posted some events about which I didn't know.

    This strikes me: Sitting at home in past General Conventions, I had ready access to the status of every resolution, all the webcasts, and the status of every resolution. Here in Indianapolis, it is not so easy. Attending all the GC Legislative Sessions and choosing (as I have chosen) to attend many of the committee hearings means that I have little time to get on the Internet and see "The Big Picture." It's weird to think that folks at home can get a more broad picture than we Deputies who are running around attending all the sessions.

    Paraphrasing Alice in Wonderland: Things move very fast here. Personally, I am scurrying to keep up.

  2. Lisa, those of us at home are helping keep up. Do what you need to do. I kept looking for you at the Eucharist (yeah, I watched it on live streaming this morning at home. Loved Bp. Curry's remarks that "we need some crazy Christians!" (At least a better kind of crazy than we're used to hearing about on the news, I say!)

    Remember, many are praying for you and the rest of the deputation these several days. Let them lift you up to God as a servant of the church--don't try to do it all yourself!


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