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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday chat room, links from the day, press overview

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I'll confess I was a bit tardy for Advent this morning, watchng the opening of the GC Eucharist and UTO ingathering. Wow.

Reading over the presiding bishop's sermon, there are so many take-away quotes, do check this out-- text at:

It is offensive – and confronting and challenging – to hear that even though you think you’re getting along OK, you’ve missed the boat.  Yet until we can see the chasm between what is and what ought to be, we don’t have any hope of changing.  Indeed it is the act of crossing that boundary between what is and what ought to be that is so characteristic of prophets.  When Jesus is called a prophet, it has to do with erasing the boundary between God and human flesh.  Prophetic words of comfort or challenge urge a kind of frontier work – getting across the fence between fear and possibility, reconciling division, transforming injustice, urging the lost onto the road home.

The bishops are in their closed session and the deputies have just taken their first vote in orders.

Question for our is the electronic voting there?

Photos: On the HOD floor via web Deputies Lelanda Lee (CO) and Dan Appleyard; Emmanuel's Rector Appleyard; Deputy Mike Clark; Deputies Jason Samuel, Lynette Ballard, Lisa Fox, Mike Clark, credit Samuel; a close-up of the "rally squirrel" atop the Missouri name sign at the deputation's table, credit Westfall.


  1. Helpful way to set up your browser tabs:

    Streaming media hub:

    General Convention real-time tracking (type in the resolution # you hear being debated or voted upon)

    A tab with a twitter feed will alert you to something happening on a stream you may not be watching at the time:

  2. Other bloggers and articles from today:

    Episcopal News has filed on last night's hearing on Same Gender Blessings with a quote from Bishop Wayne, this morning's Eucharist, PB&F holds last hearing, HOD removes the consent to bishop by General Convention-gives all to diocesan bishops and standing committees. More reports filed this evening. Currently there is text of Bishop Katharine's sermon but not yet video.

    A wonderful peek behind the PHOD's desk and literally behind the curtain, at what is needed to get the live stream from the Houses to the web. Video.

    And you can peruse the bloggings of about 50 deputations at his link:

  3. Media Conference 7/8

    At the worship service this morning there were approximately 3700 people, the space was set for 3500 and there was an area of overflow.

    There are about 3500 people registered for general convention with an additional 1200 exhibitors and another 800 volunteers for a total of 5500.

    Today's panel includes Jeffrey Lee, Bishop of Chicago, Deputy Steve Smith, VT, Deputy Jennifer Adams, W. Michigan.

    Lee: Today's major event was the morning worship, emblematic of our work here where every day is grounded in the celebration of the Eucharist. Gratitude to the Dio of Indianapolis, planning this event for the past two years, especially for the way in which the liturgies have been planned. HOB afternoon session was short.

    Smith: His work is with PB&F and they have been meeting a lot. He says, "There will be a budget." The convention schedule calls for a joint session where the budget it presented on Tuesday at 2: 15, but that means that the budget must be sent to the printer by tomorrow, Monday, at noon. Additionally, this convention is now only 8 days long.[Feed went off line]

    "The hearings have been extremely important to the budget process. While we have to work ahead of the spending resolutions, the hearings are proveing to be an accurate barometer of the will of convention."

    Adams: Ministry committee took a break today, they are not as overloaded as PB&F. Highlight was definitely the worship this morning and Bishop Katharine encouraging us to be a prophetic church and a prophetic people.

    A youth group was visiting from W. Michigan, the HOD heard about Episcopal Relief and Development's work.

    Note about this morning's ECW 5K, the first person over the finish line was a priest from the Diocese of Chicago and the first bishop across the line was Lee.

    Cherie Wetzel, blogger on AnglicansUnited (Dallas) asked, "The Mind of the House resolution, what does it mean?"
    Lee: It means that we intend to encourage Episcopalians in the four continuing dioceses, Pittsburgh, Fort Worth, Quincy, and San Joaquin--to pray for them and support them. Virtually the same wording as the response in 2009.

    [Link to ENS story: ]

    David Virtue, blogger, to Smith: "Will there be massive layoffs, people losing their jobs, with the sell-off of 815/"
    Smith: First, I'd like to point out that we are 14 hours away from a completed budget proposal sent to the printer. That being said, this has been an uplifting process. I think while we have challenges, we have a much easier task than our presecessors in 2009. I would be surprised if there are any significant disappointments.

    George Conger, blogger, to Lee:
    Has HOB elected any members for the disciplinary board.
    Lee: No, not yet.

    Off mike Conger asked for clarifications from public affairs officer Neva Rae Fox. Her answers were:
    That was 3500 plus 1200 plus 800.
    Yes, the count of registered bishops as of noon yesterday is still 167. This ended the press conference.

  4. And, Missouri deputation, it is finally raining here!

  5. And it rained here in Indianapolis for about 15 minutes. The temperature dropped below the 100 mark. I want to claim the GC is responsible, but that's probably not in order. ;-)


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