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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Telling our story II: Douthat article

In my earlier piece, I mentioned the Ross Douthat piece in the NYTimes. Now that it is available in the print edition, in today's Week in Review section, more and more people are responding to it. It does seem to have been triggered by our General Convention and depict the Episcopal Church as the poster child for liberal decline.

Here are some responses:
Diana Butler Bass, herself an Episcopalian, who has written much about American religion from a social science/history perspective. She turns Douthat's question around and asks, "Can liberal churches save Christianity?"

Andrew Gerns, a priest in the diocese of Bethlehm is a blogger and frequent contributor to Episcopal Cafe responds to the Douthat article and mentions the Wall Street Journal piece. He wrote this reply to the Wall Street Journal article.

The Rev. John Ohmer made this blog post about the Douthat article. He is a priest in the diocese of Virginia.

The Rev. Craig Uffman, a priest in the diocese of Rochester, offers another blog response.

Here is the original article by .Douthat. It has attracted over 300 responses on the NYTimes web site. You may want to join in!


  1. Fitzgerald: In my experience, the Episcopal church doesn't ask parishioners to agree wholesale with every precept in the Book of Common Prayer. Sometimes this is frustrating, as in a recent confirmation class I attended where a classmate intimated that she wasn't sure she believed in sin. The old evangelical in me wanted to shake her shoulders and suggest she leave. But mostly this means that we journey together, each at different places and constantly extending grace to one another. This is not a great growth model, but it sure looks a lot like the kingdom Jesus describes.

    My Liberal Christian Church is not Dying


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