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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday schedule; chat room, post here; update

Live webcast on the Media Hub 

(times in central daylight savings time)

7 am-10 am House of Deputies legislative session 
7 am-10 am  House of Bishops legislative session  
10:30 am Closing Eucharist. Celebrant and preacher will be Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori.
The Ven. Beatryce Clark (Northern California) will be the deacon. Commemorated on that day will be Nathan Soderblom, Swedish Church archbishop and advancer of ecumenical work.

12:00 Noon Special Media Conference with the newly elected Vice President of the House of Deputies  webcast on the Media Hub.

1:15 pm-  House of Deputies legislative session  (calendar hopes for Sine Die at 2:30)
1:15 pm-  House of Bishops legislative session (calendar hopes for Sine Die at 2:30)

Following close of final sessionMedia Conference
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You can track the resolutions addressed in these hearings on the general convention site:

Additional Events 

The final day.


  1. Bishop Jean Duracin from Haiti in the HOB:

    The process to rebuild our church is slow
    but we continue and have hope. We assure you that you will receive good news from haiti and
    we thank you for your support. Consider that what you are doing for Haiti is a kind of investment, you are investing in the church of Haiti.

    As bishop of an overseas diocese of the Episcopal Church, I can tell you that i think the whole delegation of Haiti is very pleased in the way that we do business here. Because even though we don't agree on everything, we love each other. Love is so important.

    I appreciate the agreement that we have passed for a process of reconciliation. I think that is good news for the church of Haiti. And sometimes, when you cannot reach agreement, consider meeting in Haiti, a place where everyone is welcome, where people can meet and reach agreement.

    Our diocese is one that you have to be proud of
    becuase it is your church. Even though we are from different cultures and language, we are one in Jesus Christ.

    I thank the presiding bishop. She has been in Haiti many times after the earthquake, has seen our realities. She did not stay at home and watch about us on tv, but has come to Haiti to be with us. When she says something about Haiti,
    what she says is true.

  2. I have never heard a person who's presence so embodies the refreshment of a cool breeze on a day like the 108 degree days of last week as Jenny Te Paa. I try to take notes, but my mind engages with what she says and I find myself listening, even after she has stopped speaking.

    Video "A Maori, An Anglican, A First: Jenny Te Paa" on YouTube.

  3. Both houses closed, one more press conference.

    Enormous outpouring of thanksgiving for deputies and alternates and bishops.

  4. The last press conference of convention, press officer Neva Rae Fox introduced panelists Presiding Bishop Katharine, PHOD Bonnie Anderson, Bishop Dean Wolf, vice pres. of the House of Bishops.

    Anderson: This was a great convention. A lot of us were concerned about what to expect, but perhaps that is true for each convention. The HOD was 44% new, but they were well prepared, knew the canons, and accomplished a great amount of work.

    Jefferts Schori: This convention had a remarkable spirit. The whole church has been preparing for a significant shift in its life. We received the Holy Spirit, we celebrated the ministry of the church in the world, and we're launched into the future.

    Wolf: This was one of the more substantial conventions in recent memory, a magnitude of serious issues. We worked together effectively, the two houses, and that is not easy.


    Karin Hamilton, Dio CT, about the structure resolution

    Jefferts Schori: The omnibus resolution represented the very creative work by the cognate committees. There was a new spirit in this convention, not polarized. We came together and created something new, something that no one had anticipated, and we are hoping it continues.

    Anderson: There was a concerted effort by the chair and officers of the structure ctte to analyze resolutions with a method developed by Ron Heifetz, into those that were adaptive challenges and those that were technical fixes.

    Off site question to PB
    What was the greatest accomplishment of this convention

    Jefferts Schori: A creative junction of parts of the church, our common cause, a sign of reconciliation and engagement in God's mission.

    Richard Jordan. Did commemorations in the daily Eucharist help to set a tone for the day, that bridge building you spoke about?

    Jefferts Schori: The planning for daily worship took some direction from my office, presenting the ways in which saints were engaged with the world. But the worship planners did a remarkable job gathering us for an immensely uplifting series that supported us, challenged us. It is hard to imagine a more fruitful response.

    Off site to PHOD
    What is your legacy?

    Anderson: The return of deputies thinking of themselves as deputies and not delegates. I was able through technology to create more of a community. There are many more persons of color who are leadership.

    Off site for Bp. Wolf.
    Of the many activities in the HOB what were the high points

    A humorous highpoint was the five bishops named Mark singing the Five Marks of Mission. It was a light hearted moment. At these conventions we do a lot of business, so moments that we share fellowship, meals, build relationships are high points, too.

    1. Off site
      How do you think the rest of the Anglican Communion will respond to the work of this convention?

      Jefferts Schori: We had 40 or so visitors from around the communion with us, they were exposed to how we make decisions, learned about our structure and governance. They go home better informed about how we make decisions.

      Wolf: We are seeing that we have lots in common with our partners around the world.

      Todd Wetzel, Anglican Voice
      There are two notes sounded here, and I agree that relationships are important. There was a graciousness about this convention that in my 8 conventions I have not seen before. The mood was especially wonderful in the HOB and you are to be commended. I've never seen the HOB functioning as well. Presiding Bishop, you appear to be very comfortable in your role and I think it spills over wonderfully. And I know this had been a lot of hard work. But the other side is the harder note of watching a very strong disciplinary process come to the fore, the complaint against the 9 bishops. How do we ameliorate the need for discipline with this spirit of graciousness.

      Jefferts Schori: Need to be clear that we were not dealing with any particular instance of discipline in this convention. The current Title IV process was designed to offer many more opportunities for reconciliation. I commend it to all of us to wait and let it play out, and see if it doesn't resolve in some reconciliation.

      Wolf: There are wonderful tensions in the Christian community. We don't all agree on a variety of things. If approached in a loving manner, how we go about the work, the outcomes will be good. I'm very hopeful even in the midst of authentic disagreement.

      Cherie Wetzel, blogger
      With the tension regarding the South Carolina deputation and bishop walking out, the rift, how will you reach out?

      Anderson: Not all of the deputies from SC left. When it was brought up in the house, Deputy Burrell stood up and said, wait a minute, we are still here. Indeed they testified, made their opinions known, and very much participated. There was no rift.

      Jefferts Schori: There was no rift in the HOB either. Before the bishop left, he was clearly assured of the love and friendship of every member in the house.

      Bob Williams, Los Angeles
      God speed to you PHOD Anderson.
      Going forward to Salt Lake City, to the PB, what are your hopes?

      Jefferts Schori: That we will use these three years very well.

      Wolf: We laid good foundations, when you do that the structure you build is solid and lasting. It's hard work, and Jesus understood how difficult it was to live authentically in community.

      Anderson: Have a blast!

      Jefferts Schori: The hospitality here has been incredibly gracious.

      ANderson: I'll be watching you, participating as an Episcopalian as I have always done. I love the church. I'm looking forward to doing my own stuff with my parish, getting to engage with them again. As one deputy told me, "There ain't no flies on you."

      Wolf: I've just been thinking of Bonnie's presentation at the youth event, thinking of her contributions. She has lifted the youth up. Hundreds of lay volunteers have come out, that's a terrific legacy.

      Jefferts Schori: You have seen the Episcopal Church of the future, today in the presence of the young adults in more significant numbers, you've seen the nations and languages and tribes of this church. We are healthy and we are becoming healthier. We are poised for making an even more significant impact on the world around us.

      For the friends of Jesus, and the future friends of Jesus, there is no stopping us.


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