The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church convenes in Austin Texas, July 5th - 13th, 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday chat room, post here: updates through the day, links, etc.

Good morning! Tuesday's chat room is now open, guests--please post questions and observations in the comments below this post.

Most, but not all of the hearings are finished. Much legislation has gone through one of the houses and is on the upcoming calendar for the other house. This morning's worship is about to begin. Tonight is the Lament for the Doctrine of Discovery.

Today we'll be adding some  posts from visitors and guests, and thank the deputation for their continued care and feeding of this blog.

Last night, special Eucharists were celebrated: for South Sudan on its independence day; Integrity held a Eucharist and honored its founder Louis Crew.

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  1. Padre Alberto has such a generous style when delivering his sermon in both English and Spanish--he weaves in sentences of the other language in his blocks of text, like moments of counterpoint, that keep all listeners engaged.

  2. I waved at the camera after service -- don't know if it was still streaming then.

  3. It's been a day full, and we are only just past the halfway point.

    Gay Jennings was elected as the next PHOD.

    The Anglican Covenant was debated. I've been on the phone most of the morning, but it does look like most are at ctte except for one supporting our participation in the communion-- is that correct?

    The Presiding Bishop and HOB came into the HOD for the joint presentation of the budget. I hope to have some video clips of that and the PHOD interview in tomorrow's iSeek.

    The budget will be available online in about 20 minutes, at 2:15 central on the site.

    In closing the joint session the PB noted that one of the HOB members had stood to hope for more opportunities in GC for the two houses to be in contact, other than this exclusively parliamentary way during the joint presentation. She then posed a series of questions...

    What is it that you dream for this church,
    in the coming years,
    and what gift do you have to offer?
    Where do you believe god is calling us?

    I would commend that to your thoughts and prayers and conversations in the coming days and weeks and months, and may God bless you all.

  4. Padre Alberto's sermon online (video and text):

  5. One of the most stunning moments of this convention was the vote in House of Deputies on C09, Restructuring the Church. It was adopted by a unanimous voice vote.

    Several reports of the moment:

    Lauren Stanley writes Tears of Joy over Leaps of Faith for the Center Aisle:

  6. Bp. Steve Lane (Maine's) video recap of Day 6

    "The HOB joined the HOD in taking no action on the Anglican Covenant. This was not an expected outcome but was adopted because the ctte agreed that no resolution could be determined without many no votes. We have no consensus on the Anglican Covenant in our church and we said that and determined to take no action."

  7. Tuesday evening's press conference began with press officer Neva Rae Fox introducing panelists Bishop Leo Frade, SE Florida, Deputy Gay Jennings, Ohio, and Deputy Ruth Meyers, Chicago.

    Frade: The HOB passed C083 which encourages everyone to read the Bible in 2013. We had a certain amount of discussion on Palestinian resolution, B019 which passed. The only resolution "with teeth" was C060 and that was postponed indefinitely. We discussed B021, the Dissolution of an Episcopal Relationship, and sent it back to the committee for perfection. In a vote that Frade said reminded him of the Society for the Preservation of the Prayerbook 1979, the bishops voted to keep the lectionary as is printed. ON the Anglican Covenant resolutions the bishops declined to take a position at this convention, and will continue to monitor the covenant's progress through the Communion. In another resolution the bishops reaffirmed the Episcopal Church's commitment to the Communion.

    Jennings: Today the HOD unanimously passed C095 as substituted, the resolution on restructuring the church. The resolution is to form a task force to re-imagine and restructure church. "There has been a palpable desire at this convention to re-imagine how we do business. There is a passion and interest about our identity, who are we as church, what is God calling us to be." The task force is called to reflect diversity of the church and should include people who have "some critical distance from institutional leadership, not the usual suspects." The task force is called to gather information and feedback from congregations, diocese and synods. The resolution calls for a special gathering including one bishop, one lay person, one clergy person, and one person under the age of 35 from every diocese.

    Meyers: In the HOD we took up A049 as amended, and adopted for provisional use the blessing of a lifelong covenant relationship. Included in this are a blessing service, materials on preparing couples, teaching materials, a theological article. First use would begin the first Sunday of Advent in 2012. "This gives bishops time to work with their dioceses." Bishops have the say in how this will be used in their diocese.


    Richard Jordan. The Budget presentation included funding for a development office...followed a specific question about the line item and extra funds. Jennings replied the budget had just been introduced and not yet discussed in the HOD.

    David Virtue, blogger to Frade.
    With B021 we hear rumors that this disciplinary canon can be used to get rid of bishops the presiding bishop doesn't like.

    Frade: "That is not how I read it." It insures the standing committee of diocese majority. Frade could not understand how one could get to such an interpretation as Virtue's. "I won't say it comes from paranoia, but this interpretation never crossed my mind." The presiding bishop cannot act without the support of the standing committee of the diocese.

    George Conger, Anglican Ink to Frade, which version of the Bible are you recommending people read?

    Frade: King James Version to now the New Common English Bible. The idea is to read it all. We don't care which authorized version on reads. One problem we have is that we don't read the Bible enough. "Coming from the United Methodist Church, we know more Bible passages."

    Conger to Meyers, Deputy Horst questioned why not go directly to a rite for same-sex marriage.

    Meyer: The church has not made any decision about Prayer Book revision.

    Cherie Wetzel, blogger to Frade. "Why should I read the Bible? A049 tells me that what the Bible says doesn't matter, why should I bother?"

    Frade: Passages in the Bible, such as in Leviticus, tell me to kill someone. Of course I don't agree with killing someone. We use our brain when we read the Bible.

    1. ? someone to Frade: This morning Padre Alberto preached. Several years ago there was some discomfort between you and the Archdiocese, and has that changed.

      Frade: Relations with the Archdiocese were lousy long before Alberto came with us, and they continue to be lousy. The Roman church is very large there, over a million. We have a waiting list of Roman priests who wish to become Episcopal. The reality is that Alberto did not make the relationship better, and he did not make it worse. Sometimes they have an attitude if you are hispanic you belong to the Roman church. They ask me when I converted from the Roman church and I tell them I have come from the UMC. "They are not currently in the ecumenical mode."

      Sharon Sheridan, ENS. A049 is provisional under a bishop's direction--can the bishop decide the rites can not be used in his diocese?
      Meyers: yes

      Virtue: You say you are "keen to get the youth involved in the church. How would you invite the youth of Dallas back to the table and assure that they would not be abused?"

      Jennings: I will look into that and find out more about the situation. Every young person should be welcome and feel safe. I spoke this morning about creating safe spaces.

      [buffering connection, lost very end of conference]


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