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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Five Marks of Mission: videos and questions

At today's joint session of deputies and bishops, Presiding Bishop Katharine gave an overview of the Five Marks of Mission.

ENS article:

Each Mark had a short introductory video, then table discussions followed with the questions linked below. How would you answer these questions?

AGENDA Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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  • 8:30 - 10 am CDT: Legislative committees
    • Check for updates from participant & visitor tweets. OPEN HEARINGS include:
    •  Constitutions and Canons on D031, D0776
    • Governance and Structure on D064, B021
    • Congregational Vitality on D072
    • Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music  on B019, D046, D050, D051, D052, D060, D070
    • Church Pension Fund on D047
    • Stewardship and Development on D067
    • World Mission, 8AM on C055

  • 10:30 - 11:45 am CDT:  Community Eucharist Live on the Media Hub (worship)

    • Presider: Bishop Wendell Gibbs of Michigan
    • Preacher: The Rev. Kimberly Jackson, chaplain and vicar of the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center, Emmaus House Chapel, Atlanta
    • Download the service bulletin with texts, translations, hymns and service music.
    • today honoring James Weldon Johnson, author of Lift Every Voice and Sing, and hymns are from LEVAS hymnal

Deputies at work

Missourians at worship before the vote for Presiding Bishop on Saturday

Deputy Dan Appleyard, legislative assistant, on consult at the main dais.

Day 5 - Deputy Booker

Dan Appleyard from the Diocese of Missouri, making sure that things keep working.

Monday, June 29, 2015

AGENDA Monday, June 29, 2015

GC is deep in legislative work now.
If you have questions for our deputation,
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  • 8:30 am CDT: Legislative committees

    • Check Twitter for some updates. Open hearings include:
    • Rules of Order on D06
    • Constitutions and Canons on A146, Do55
    • Governance and Structure on C056, D038 General Convention: Full Deputation From Every Diocese for General Convention
    • World Mission on A174, A176

Technology win!

A View from the House of Deputies by Deputy Mike Clark

General Convention, in general: 

It seems that technology has finally caught up with the communication needs of allowing fair and civil debate among 800 members of a legislative body – the House of Deputies. Gone are the days of bulky 3” 3-ring binders and hundreds of thousands of copies of resolutions -and corrections to those resolutions - to be filed and maintained by each deputy, serving as his or her own administrative assistant.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

DAY 4 - Deputy Booker

This evening the delegation from Missouri had a delightful dinner together.  In addition to the Bishop and the Deputies, we had family members and other folks from the Diocese of Missouri when had made the journey to Salt Lake City.

Deputy Booker Addresses the HOD

Deputy Michael Booker does his best to address resolutions A040 & D022.

Deputy Kloecker speaks to HoD

Deputy Jay Kloecker proposes an amendment to Resolution A011, and it passes.  Resolution at

Resolution A011 passes.

AGENDA Sunday, June 28, 2015

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  • 8:00 am CDT: ECW 5K to support homeless youth org in SLC
  • 8:15 am CDT:  “Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence” 
    • a march by vested Bishops, yesterday they invited deputies to march as well
    • network media coverage hoped for, also watch in #GC78 curated
  • 11 am CDT:  United Thank Offering Ingathering Eucharist Live on Media Hub (worship)
    • Presider and Preacher: Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori  
    • Download a worship bulletin, hymns and service music included
    • representatives of the United Thank Offering bring forward the contributions of the

Sunday morning's ECW 5K run

Jeanne King, Joe Chambers, Karen Birr

The 2015 ECW Triennial 5K will benefit the Homeless Youth Resource Center in Salt Lake City.

The race route in downtown Salt Lake City originated at the Salt Palace Convention Center and passed the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark before finishing at the Salt Palace.

Sunday morning race check-in time was 6:30 am, with the first wave starting at 7:00 am to give everyone a chance to complete the route and get back in time to prepare for the other events of the day.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 3 - Deputy Booker

The big news of the day has already been posted by others.  On a first ballot by the House of Bishops, Bishop Michael Curry was elected as our next Presiding Bishop.  The House of Deputies overwhelmingly approved that election, and the Episcopal news feeds have been celebrating that event across various media platforms.  Bishop Curry is a phenomenal orator, and I think he will set us on an energetic course of revitalization.

The picture above comes from today's Eucharist.  The music was provided by Navajo members of the Episcopal Church, who performed with flute and drums in a way that I know many of us found very moving.  The preacher was a Navajo woman from south-eastern Utah who has been an actual shepherd(-ess), and was able to use her experience to expand on the Gospel imagery of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Today we honored many people who have served the Episcopal Church, in particular Dr. Charles B Willie, who preached at the ordination of the "Philadelphia Eleven."  We also voted on a resolution to allocate a large pool of money that could be used by the leadership of the Church on anti-racism efforts.

One additional thing that made the day special was that we celebrated the 230th anniversary of the House of Deputies.  There were party hats and noisemakers to mark the occasion.  All told, it was a quite festive day. 

A new Presiding Bishop!

We began this day quietly enough with legislative committee meetings.  I sat in on the Liturgy, Prayer Book and Music Committee which is co-chaired by our Bishop Wayne.  The discussion was centered on the resolutions surrounding baptism and communion.  There is proposed new "creation" wording for inclusion in the baptism ritual and much discussion about "open" communion.  It was interesting to hear the thoughts of different individuals on what should happen.  Some were based on theological beliefs, some financial, some hospitality, and some were pragmatic.  All were important to hear as they represented the breath of our church across the nation.  Many were hoping that if there is work on a revision to the BCP that many of the issues could be examined at that time.

The community Eucharist was again a moving service.  So different and yet the same - so us.  The music was Native American and I again posted on Facebook a piece of the drum music.  There was a flute solo during communion that was spectacular but I was not able to record any of it.  Haunting and filled with the sense of the Holy Spirit moving through our midst.

As we concluded the service the Bishops all left as a group to go to St. Mark's to elect the new Presiding Bishop.  We on the other hand went into legislative session.  We ended up extending our session as the Bishops sent word that they had elected a PB.  This is a very formalized process - to say the very least.  There is a committee from the house of deputies that must confirm the House of Bishops action.  only then could the results be given and the Presiding Bishop elect announced.  It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of that process.  I hope every member has the chance to hear Bishop Curry speak at some time!  After much celebration we settled down to more legislative business.

The days are long - I attended a meeting on the budget after dinner.  Our delegation gathers and shares information, experiences, and supports one another in the evening. 

This experience is the church working in and at a different level but certainly all about God's love for all of us.

Notes from today's press conference with Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry

The church to be a reconciling voice and agent in the public square, seeking to be a conversation partner in the community, a positive and proactive voice in the public square.
That’s  going to be one of the ways that we'll continue what's already begun.
It's the voice of the Christian community in Charleston that really did change the narrative, to a narrative of forgiveness and trying to find a different way. Where is the positive way forward?
I do believe, profoundly, Dr. King was right, we are put here to create the beloved community
We all come from the same source, we are the brothers and sisters of each other. The hard work is to figure out how we live as a beloved community, as the human family of God.
That's where the church and people of faith can join hands.

A New Presiding Bishop for The Episcopal Church.

Michael Curry is the Presiding Bishop–Elect, according to a report to our Deputies. The vote tally was: 
  • Bishop Michael Curry: 121
  • Bishop Dabney Smith: 21
  • Bishop Ian Douglas: 13
  • Bishop Tom Breidenthal: 19
Our Deputies are in session and waiting for Bishop Curry and his family to arrive in the House.

You can learn more about Presiding Bishop–Elect Curry at the Diocese of North Carolina website.

UPDATE: His election by the House of Bishops has now been confirmed by the House of Deputies by a vote of 800 to 12.

Further information about Bishop Curry and the other nominees is on the General Convention website.

From Bishop Curry's remarks in the House of Deputies: "We've got a society with challenges around us. We know that. But nothing can stop the movement of God's love in this world."

Note also that Bishop Curry was elected on the very first ballot.

Bishop Curry is also the first African American elected as Presiding Bishop of TEC. 

AGENDA for Saturday, June 27

Today is the election of the next presiding bishop.
  • 8:30 - 10 am CDT: Legislative Committee Meetings. Those with open hearings may have some updates on Twitter
    • Constitutions and Canons, committee 04,  on A129, A130, A131, A134, A138, A143, B010, B011
    • Social Justice and International Policy, committee 07, on D033, D041
    • Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music, committee 11, on C010, C023, D036, C050
    • Formation and Education for Ministry, committee 12, on B014
    • World Mission, committee 06, on B018
  • 10 am  CDT: Media briefing
  • 10:30 - 11:45 am CDT: Worship on Livestream (choose Worship)
    • honoring Native American Cornelius Hill;
    • Presider: Bishop Michael Smith of North Dakota (link is external)
    • Preacher: The Rev. Cathlena Plummer of Navajoland
  • 12:15 - 2 pm CDT: Legislative sessions: HOD on Livestream, (choose Deputies) HOB at the cathedral, no livestream, no tweeting. (This is the election of the next Presiding Bishop.)
  • 3:15 - 7:15 pm CDT: Legislative Sessions on Livestream (choose Deputies and/or Bishops)
    • HOD
    • HOB
  • 5 pm CDT: Press Conference with the Presiding Bishop-Elect.  on Livestream, time may change depending on election process, this one will likely have a lot of secular media attending 
  • about 30 min after 7:15 pm CDT: Media briefing, on Livestream (choose Press)
  • 7:30 pm  CDT:  Missouri Deputation dinner/reception and hospitality in the suite
  • 7:30 pm CDT: Episcopal Relief & Development’s 75th Anniversary Celebration
  • 8:30 - 10:00 pm: PB&F and other hearings with open hearings some updates on Twitter
    • Program, Budget and Finance, 21
  • 9:00 pm  CDT: Missouri deputation social hour
Link to view legislation by Number, Topic, Title, or Author, and supplemental material for resolutions:

ECW Triennial Today:

Mobile guide to convention:

In the Exhibit space at the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society:
Episcopal Migration Ministries is sponsoring a tent from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), thereby offering an experience of solidarity with refugees’ journey as they seek asylum in a safer place, like the United States. The staff of Episcopal Migration Ministries will be present to engage visitors in a discussion of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society’s refugee-resettlement ministry. On Twitter with #ShareTheJourney

Tomorrow's Eucharist is at 11 am CDT, and is the UTO ingathering

Friday, June 26, 2015

DAY 2 - Deputy Booker

As I've explained, we have Eucharist every day at General Convention.  When I arrived for worship  this morning, there was a spontaneous celebration related to the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality.  By the end of the day, posters like the one above were posted in celebration.

Today was Day 2 of General Convention.  We actually voted on a few items, but most weren't that controversial (example: the number of canonical areas that priests must master went from seven to six).  I found it interesting that the issues that inspired the most discussion typically went down in defeat.

The electronics continue to work, but most votes so far are handled with a voice vote.

I thought we would hear a presentation on the proposed structural changes to the Church today, but instead we got together in small groups and made lists of things we like and don't like about the Church as it exists.  (Honestly, I think that it is late in the process for that sort of brainstorming.)

In the evening I gave testimony about the Anglican Covenant in front of one of the committees.  I did this on behalf of Lisa Fox, who was unfortunately unable to attend General Convention; it was her proposal, and I hope that I did it justice in the two minutes I was given.

Tomorrow the Bishops will gather to elect a new Presiding Bishop.  The House of Deputies will then vote on that individual.  By my next posting, I should be able to tell you just who will be the Presiding Bishop for the next nine years.  Stay tuned!

Day 2 - Deputy Glenn

My first accomplishment is that I finally figured out how to get on to the blog site!!! 
Days are long here and there is lots of walking.  The community Eucharist is something to behold - about 900 Episcopalians in one room singing, praising and worshiping together.  I did a video of some of the music we had for worship and posted it on Facebook.  Oh, to have that on Sunday!  I don't know if Beth can re post it for others to see.

Today we  had a discussion on the structure of the church.  We were broken into small groups of about 6_10.  We were asked to look at the staff of the national Church and note where it is helpful to our individual churches and dioceses and also how it could better help.  We were asked to do that for the provincial structure and our diocesan structures also.  We had a lively discussion in our group which had delegates from North Dakota.

The formal nominations were presented for the next presiding bishop.  The presentations we have had so far have been informative but I am actually grateful the Bishops vote on that and the house of delegates confirms.  Any one of the four Bishops would be good.  Each bring different gifts to the table.

I presented this afternoon on a resolution that Teresa Danieley helped put together on parental leave.  It was interesting  - we had 10 individuals speak in favor of the resolution (one a guy!).  Many of the questions from the committee members led us to think they might amend to strengthen it.  We will see.

The parliamentary   procedures are necessary but also remind me how loosely most of us follow them.  Not here!  

This is an interesting experience.  Some full of minutia but all filled with love for our Church and what it will be in the future.

AGENDA Welcome to Friday, June 26, 2015

While the cathedral will be closed tomorrow during the election of the next presiding bishop, today there are tours for visitors, guests, media, and others.
  • 8:30 - 10 am: Legislative Committee Meetings with open hearings some updates on Twitter
    • Social Justice and United States Policy, 08,  on D028, D027, D032, D034
    • Church Pension Fund, 13, B016
    • World Mission, 06 on D035

Debbie Smith's blog: Tech Support, Homelessness in Salt Lake City, Episcopal Relief & Development

Debbie Smith is blogging her experience as a convention technical volunteer, Episcopalian, and bishop's wife over at From last night's post:

"It's hard to know where to start with homelessness even though I took lots of notes. A leader in befriending homeless people bookended the presentation: pictured here, Pamela Atkinson. Telling some of our deputation where I was going before this talk, I found out that the Salt Palace has a red parking meter for inserting donations to benefit homelessness programs with signs saying Give here, not to panhandlers, if you want to help the homeless. The money goes to the Pamela J. Atkinson Foundation, where a board divides up the money to support the work of the cooperating agencies, all of which I believe are part of HOST, Salt Lake's Homeless Outreach Service Team..."    read the post

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day Zero - Deputy Booker

Today (June 24th) was Day Zero for General Convention...because tomorrow will be Day One.  We didn't vote on anything yet, but it was still a very informative day.

This morning we learned about how we'll be carrying out a paperless General Convention.  Each Bishop and Deputy was issued a pre-loaded iPad (shown above).  It connects to an internal network that will replace the hardcopy Blue Book with a digital one.  This will allow for rapid updates of budget and legislation and save more than a few trees.

(Prior to General Convention it was asked if we could buy the iPads.  We were told no.  We did, however, have to sign for them.)

The item that looks like a Blackberry (remember those?) is the device

Wed. June 24, presentations by PB nominees

Live stream at
select "Deputies"

Or, choose the event on Livestream:

Introduction of each of the candidates and bios:

Wed. June 23, morning presentation

10 am, presentation to convention by Bishop Katharine and PHOD Gay.

Archived video of the presentations:

Presiding Bishop Katharine's opening remarks:

PHOD Gay's opening remarks, text:

AGENDA Welcome to Wednesday, June 24

One day before the official start of convention, but a busy day.

Livestreaming/live blogging agenda today is:

  • 10-10:45 am (CDT) Presiding Bishop Katharine and PHOD Gay Jennings make a presentation in the HOD.
  • 2:30-5:30 pm (CDT) The four nominees for next Presiding Bishop make presentations.
    • Informal videos: Breidenthal-
    • Curry
    • D. Smith
    • Douglas

Legislative meetings begin first thing this morning in Utah at 7 am MDT. This morning is bishops and deputies orientation. More legislative committee meetings begin at 7 pm MDT.

Our deputies and bishop with committee assignments are:

  • 03-Rules of Order - Mark Sluss
  • 09-Congregational Vitality - Tamsen Whistler
  • 18-Credentials - Kathryn Dyer, who is the chair of this committee, and Jay Kloecker
  • 22-Alcohol & Other Drug Use - Doris Westfall
  • Dan Appleyard is a Floor Legislative Assistant
  • 13-Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music - Bishop Wayne is cognate chair. (Legislative committees have chairs from both HOB and HOD.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deputy Michael Booker's first post

Tuesday, June 23rd

Good evening from Salt Lake City

This is Michael Booker, currently L3 from the Diocese of Missouri, and a member of St. Francis' in Eureka.

I attended General Convention three years ago in Indianapolis as a visitor, and this year I have the honor of serving as a voting deputy.  Things start very early tomorrow -- at 7:00 AM -- with a discussion of the rules of the Convention.  My goal is to offer an update each evening of the day's events.  

Live blogging first media conference today, 2:15 pm (CDT)

Today's media briefing includes:

  • Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori
  • President of the House of Deputies the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings
  • General Convention Executive Officer the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe
(live blogging in comments)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Communications plan during GC

Each day we'll open up a new post which will include:
  • Day's agenda
  • Worship particulars
  • Live blogging open sessions of Houses of Bishops and Deputies
  • Live blogging of daily media events (add your questions)
  • Links to any posting by diocesan members in Salt Lake City

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