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Saturday, June 27, 2015

A new Presiding Bishop!

We began this day quietly enough with legislative committee meetings.  I sat in on the Liturgy, Prayer Book and Music Committee which is co-chaired by our Bishop Wayne.  The discussion was centered on the resolutions surrounding baptism and communion.  There is proposed new "creation" wording for inclusion in the baptism ritual and much discussion about "open" communion.  It was interesting to hear the thoughts of different individuals on what should happen.  Some were based on theological beliefs, some financial, some hospitality, and some were pragmatic.  All were important to hear as they represented the breath of our church across the nation.  Many were hoping that if there is work on a revision to the BCP that many of the issues could be examined at that time.

The community Eucharist was again a moving service.  So different and yet the same - so us.  The music was Native American and I again posted on Facebook a piece of the drum music.  There was a flute solo during communion that was spectacular but I was not able to record any of it.  Haunting and filled with the sense of the Holy Spirit moving through our midst.

As we concluded the service the Bishops all left as a group to go to St. Mark's to elect the new Presiding Bishop.  We on the other hand went into legislative session.  We ended up extending our session as the Bishops sent word that they had elected a PB.  This is a very formalized process - to say the very least.  There is a committee from the house of deputies that must confirm the House of Bishops action.  only then could the results be given and the Presiding Bishop elect announced.  It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of that process.  I hope every member has the chance to hear Bishop Curry speak at some time!  After much celebration we settled down to more legislative business.

The days are long - I attended a meeting on the budget after dinner.  Our delegation gathers and shares information, experiences, and supports one another in the evening. 

This experience is the church working in and at a different level but certainly all about God's love for all of us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your observations, Pat. I remember hearing Bishop Curry preach at GC2012, and it was a barnburner. I think he will be a marvelous and charismatic "face" of TEC to the nation and the world.


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