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Monday, June 29, 2015

A View from the House of Deputies by Deputy Mike Clark

General Convention, in general: 

It seems that technology has finally caught up with the communication needs of allowing fair and civil debate among 800 members of a legislative body – the House of Deputies. Gone are the days of bulky 3” 3-ring binders and hundreds of thousands of copies of resolutions -and corrections to those resolutions - to be filed and maintained by each deputy, serving as his or her own administrative assistant.

At this convention, each member is issued an IPad with access to the session’s resolutions loaded; amendments are added quickly and easily. Our election for trustees of the Clergy Pension Group as well as Executive Council went smoothly today; a process which took a fraction of the amount of time in past conventions. We are truly blessed by far.

Gay Jennings, President of the HofD, is doing a great job presiding over her first convention. The parliamentarian has been impressive – confident, clear and gracious in his advice and guidance - even when challenged by some of the old lions of the house.

I’m so proud of our deputation. These folks are focused, intelligent and engaged – it is my honor to be called a Deputy from the Diocese of Missouri. We had another member of the House of Deputies come to our table today, asking how Lisa Fox was doing – even the deputies who aren’t here are known and well-respected!

I’m excited about the next chapter in our mission as the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. The chaplain of the House of Deputies, in his meditation today, reminded us that each of us is connected to Jesus – a fact that can be proved using the laws of quantum physics. There is a subatomic connection that spans time and space! In short, one can prove that Jesus is with us! And if you don't believe the science, our new Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry will convince you of the fact that Jesus does and always will love you!

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  1. I was honored to see the chaplain leading the HoD in prayer and song, reminding us how we are connected I bet it was a powerful time in the HoD.

    Thank you for sharing your relfections about the HoD. I, too, have been impressed by PHOD Jennings and her parliamentarian. (Though I wonder why Sally is no longer the Parliamentarian.)

    TY for telling about another Deputy inquiring about my health. You can say I'm home but still a bit shaky. After my time in the hospital last week, I will see a vasculor surgeon tomorrow.


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