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Friday, June 26, 2015

DAY 2 - Deputy Booker

As I've explained, we have Eucharist every day at General Convention.  When I arrived for worship  this morning, there was a spontaneous celebration related to the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality.  By the end of the day, posters like the one above were posted in celebration.

Today was Day 2 of General Convention.  We actually voted on a few items, but most weren't that controversial (example: the number of canonical areas that priests must master went from seven to six).  I found it interesting that the issues that inspired the most discussion typically went down in defeat.

The electronics continue to work, but most votes so far are handled with a voice vote.

I thought we would hear a presentation on the proposed structural changes to the Church today, but instead we got together in small groups and made lists of things we like and don't like about the Church as it exists.  (Honestly, I think that it is late in the process for that sort of brainstorming.)

In the evening I gave testimony about the Anglican Covenant in front of one of the committees.  I did this on behalf of Lisa Fox, who was unfortunately unable to attend General Convention; it was her proposal, and I hope that I did it justice in the two minutes I was given.

Tomorrow the Bishops will gather to elect a new Presiding Bishop.  The House of Deputies will then vote on that individual.  By my next posting, I should be able to tell you just who will be the Presiding Bishop for the next nine years.  Stay tuned!


  1. Good point, Michael, about it being a bit late to start brainstorming on church structure.

    Glad to hear you were able to speak to the Anglican Covenant resolution. I'm sure you were even more articulate than I would have been.

    I see that both A040 and D022 have been "discharged" by HOD as "already acted upon." Can you explain why? Sounds like Ctte 5 decided not to act on either EC or our resolution. Why?

  2. BTW, Michael, I misread the calendar; apparently Ctte 5 is recommending that A040 & D022 be "discharged"; as far as I can tell, HoD hasn't yet acted.


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