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Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 2 - Deputy Glenn

My first accomplishment is that I finally figured out how to get on to the blog site!!! 
Days are long here and there is lots of walking.  The community Eucharist is something to behold - about 900 Episcopalians in one room singing, praising and worshiping together.  I did a video of some of the music we had for worship and posted it on Facebook.  Oh, to have that on Sunday!  I don't know if Beth can re post it for others to see.

Today we  had a discussion on the structure of the church.  We were broken into small groups of about 6_10.  We were asked to look at the staff of the national Church and note where it is helpful to our individual churches and dioceses and also how it could better help.  We were asked to do that for the provincial structure and our diocesan structures also.  We had a lively discussion in our group which had delegates from North Dakota.

The formal nominations were presented for the next presiding bishop.  The presentations we have had so far have been informative but I am actually grateful the Bishops vote on that and the house of delegates confirms.  Any one of the four Bishops would be good.  Each bring different gifts to the table.

I presented this afternoon on a resolution that Teresa Danieley helped put together on parental leave.  It was interesting  - we had 10 individuals speak in favor of the resolution (one a guy!).  Many of the questions from the committee members led us to think they might amend to strengthen it.  We will see.

The parliamentary   procedures are necessary but also remind me how loosely most of us follow them.  Not here!  

This is an interesting experience.  Some full of minutia but all filled with love for our Church and what it will be in the future.


  1. Link to the amazing footage from the "orchestra" perspective of the recessional, Widor's Toccata in a jazz arangement my Theodicy Jazz collective. You can find a number of their videos on youtube and at their website:

  2. Thanks for taking time to report, Pat. Yes, I recall how marvelous the worship services were at GC2012. Knocks yer socks off, doesn't it? ;)


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