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Sunday, June 28, 2015

DAY 4 - Deputy Booker

This evening the delegation from Missouri had a delightful dinner together.  In addition to the Bishop and the Deputies, we had family members and other folks from the Diocese of Missouri when had made the journey to Salt Lake City.

That, however, was the end of the day.  Early in the morning there was a thousand-person march against gun violence.  After that, we had a full Sunday service with a UTO (United Thank Offering) in-gathering.  The Bishops all processed in, and the Presiding Bishop preached.  Though the service ran two hours, it was well-organized and extremely engaging.  The UTO has raised over four million dollars since last General Convention, and they fund many worthwhile projects including one just announced for our Diocese.

After that intense church service, the House of Deputies reconvened to discuss a resolution about mass incarceration left incomplete from yesterday.  We also had a disappointing series of events take place surrounding a resolution by Lisa Fox addressing the Anglican Covenant.  That question was removed from discussion by a parliamentary fiat which many of us found very disappointing.

There a few elections for things like the Board of the Church Pension Fund, and those raised some technical problems which, thankfully, were resolved.  All-in-all, having 842 people voting on thirteen people from a list of twenty-six is MUCH better done electronically than by hand.

Probably the oddest thing, one I wouldn't have expected to become so contentions, was a list of Dioceses that would be considered for General Convention number 80, to be held (if my math is right) in 2021.  The Diocese of Missouri is on the current short list, so this is of a bit more than academic interest for us.  The list got messy when a Deputy (not one of ours) proposed a rule that only Dioceses which pay their full apportionment should be considered as hosts.  The Diocese of Missouri was spared public embarrassment by the fact that we do, in fact, pay our apportionment to The Episcopal Church.


  1. We had Deputy Fox with us in chat during that legislative session, and it was indeed disappointing!

  2. We had Deputy Fox with us in chat during that legislative session, and it was indeed disappointing!


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