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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Live blogging first media conference today, 2:15 pm (CDT)

Today's media briefing includes:

  • Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori
  • President of the House of Deputies the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings
  • General Convention Executive Officer the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe
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  1. Neva Rae Fox: Media briefings begin at 9 am each morning Utah time. Also at the close of day.

  2. PB Katharine: We're an international church and we speak many different languages. We're increasingly focused outside ourselves...a people meant to participate in transforming this world to what God envisioned when he created us.

    We have work to do.

    Bishops, deputies, exhibitors and staff, and a host of volunteers. And, leaders from other religious traditions.

    We're grateful that you're here.

  3. Michael Barlowe: Thanks the people of the Diocese of Utah.

    Most digitally oriented convention we've ever had. Not completely paperless, but very close. An IT consultant exclaimed we've moved 3 decades in the past three years.

    More efficient, economical, green, and for the ministry which lies ahead for TEC.

    Also thanks to the Salt Palace staff, in a LEED certified facility. We'll be doing our part to make this the greenest convention ever.

    As of today nearly 4500 pre-registrations. Based on past experience we expect more than twice that number to be here for at least a day or part of convention.

    Join me in thanking all of our friends. Being focused on our work, and the work that lies ahead.

  4. Gay Jennings: Where we ensure that the mission of the church is strong and vibrant.

    Elect policy makers, adopt budgets, pass resolutions and adopt policies..

    We come together at a very tense time in our nation's history, when the deaths of black men and boys at the hands of police officers and the massacre of 9 black Christians has electrified people of faith, and all people of good will.

    Bishop's against gun violence will hold a pilgrimage (details)

    I believe that God is calling us to dismantle the systems of racism and privilege that are bound up in our nation and churchs founding.

    GC is a place where Episcopalians have tha ability to procliam that Black Lives Matter, but take action for racial reconciliation.

    THrough participatory democracy, all orders have an equal voice in determining the direction of the church.

  5. Q. ??

    Barlowe: That was one of the most important things in our planning.

    Encouraged deputations to work closely with people who have never used an iPad. Interesting that Apple itself does not provide an instruction manual for the iPad. Anecdotally, early gathering, avg age 50s, wide representation of 70s, most proficient were the grandparents.

    We think it's going to be easy. None of us are experts. I'm hoping that as we learn to use these new tech, that learning curve will be small, but we'll also provide an opening for the Spirit to work in our other ministries.

  6. Q?????

    A> PB: The 5 marks of mission have informed our life. Budget and convention shaped around them. You can Google 5 Anglican marks of mission. A coherent vision of what it looks like to work for the reign of God.

    No one part of the church can fulfill them all, it takes all of us.

    Mark 1 to proclaim the good news of the kingdom, shared by the Abrahamic traditions, by most of the world's great traditions. Proclaiming the good news of God in Christ, and God's Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

  7. Q?????

    PB: Presiding bishop of ELCA, Moravian, retiring bishop of the Church of Sweden will be with us. Also Jewish and Muslim leaders with us as a sign of our partnership with other faiths.

  8. Q????

    MB: Voting not included in the virtual binder. Not fully integrated into binder. Election results will be displayed soon after certification in the binder.

    We're working toward integrating it for the 79th convention.

    Collatoral digital device, not fully integrated, replacement for the old fashioned step on platform. Replaced that with a new electronic version that will enable parliamentarians who is in the queue for speaking. All of this to making every bvoice heard in the counsels of the church.

  9. Q ????

    PB My successor will be elected but doesn't take office until after convention.

    Privilege to see diversity of church, to see what the body decides. That cannot be predicted in advance. It's a great deal of work. Many people go on vacation if they have any left after this convention.

    Nostalgic. this is something new, have not been in SLC. Every time the church gathers it is a new body engaging new challenges. SOme familiar ones dog us, the reality of racism, not just in the US part of the church, in Haiti, in Latin America as well.

    Racism is around us and we will continue to engage.

  10. Q??????

    GJ: I appointed a special committee on alcohol and other drug abuse. Parallel committees in both house. HOD, particularly look at our policy as relates to alcohol and other drug abuse. 1985 was our last look at policy from GC. We have deeper experience, more research, more in terms of education, how we might approach our selection and recruitment and formation of leaders in ministry both lay and ordained. Fully expectthese committees will bring a/some resolutions forward.

    I've seen wide range of responses for how people at this convention will use or not alcohol. People have a heightened awareness and sensitivity.

    PB: As a church we very rarely require people to observe particular behaviors. We depend on eduation and formation within the church to guide people in making their ownd ecision s how to live appropriately, how to model Jesus, what a Godly person looks like. Jesus was accused of being a drunkerd and a glutton. Like all gifts when used to excess it can become destructive. Educating is the way the Episc church has always approached things like this.

    GJ: This committee, 22, was formed after all other cttes had been appointed. I wondered if I'd be able to find deputies with relevent expertise and was happy to discover that we have true experts, with clinical experience, parish exp, community based's an outstanding ctte. PB has collected a very fine seasoned group of bishops who will address with deputies this issue.

  11. GJ: I always hope people will drink responsibly and in moderation. I'm not going to monitor it. Be responsible membersof the body.

    Neva Rae thanks everyone.
    Announcements about the media room.

    At 9 tomorrow PB and GJ present reports opening remarks in the HOD room.
    At 1:30 tomorrow presentation of the 4 nominees for PB.

  12. Here's the archived livestream:


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