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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Notes from today's press conference with Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry

The church to be a reconciling voice and agent in the public square, seeking to be a conversation partner in the community, a positive and proactive voice in the public square.
That’s  going to be one of the ways that we'll continue what's already begun.
It's the voice of the Christian community in Charleston that really did change the narrative, to a narrative of forgiveness and trying to find a different way. Where is the positive way forward?
I do believe, profoundly, Dr. King was right, we are put here to create the beloved community
We all come from the same source, we are the brothers and sisters of each other. The hard work is to figure out how we live as a beloved community, as the human family of God.
That's where the church and people of faith can join hands.

How can the Episcopal church add more latinos in leadership in the coming years?
In NC it has taken time, it's been 15 years and we're now seeing vocations into the diaconate and ito the priesthood. Some of that has happened because we've been very involved in the latino coalition in nc.
Will you continue your preaching ministry?
I do love to preach. I believe that the preaching and teaching of God's word does actually make a difference.
Valley of the dry bones, that's pretty much about preaching.
I hope to continue the preaching ministry as a way of encouraging the church to move forward

jeff mcdonald. What is significance of being first AA bishop of this church., also, would you describe yourself as evangelical?
We'll see what terms get used about me.
I think the election of Bishop Katharine as first woman, I was there and I remember just realizing it was an experience of the holy spirit for real.
Today i had that same feeling. I think that's a sign of our church growing more deeply in the spirit of God, in the movement of God's spirit in the world.
It is that way in Pentecost, people whose lives are really living in the spirit of God's love, when that happens we find ourselves growing more in the direction of God's dream.
My election, Katharine's election are a sign of that same thing. That's a church that's willing to grow and be all that God dreams it to be.
Second ask of the question, are you an evangelical? Michael Curry is a follower of Jesus.

AP How do you maintain or grow church membership

Great question, all churches are facing that. We're in a time where churches that have historically been more established are finding that the gospel hasn't changed, but we need to discover new ways (maybe old ways) of carrying out and sharing that word.
Mennonite pastor anecdote, where the church is not the automatic establishment, the church can't wait for the people to come to it, the church must go to the people. That change will reach people who are not coming to our doors. We've done it before and we can do it again, read Acts.

Q What do you want the avg person in the pew to know about you
I'm a really nice guy
I'm really serious . I’m a follower of Jesus. not a perfect one, but i want to be one of his disciples. The way of God's love that we see in Jesus sets us free, moves us to places we wouldn't go on our own.
When you get to a certain age you get real with yourself, I'm not perfect, but i really strive to follow in the way of Jesus, to reflect his love and compassion

Conger- What are your concrete plans for reconciling disparate wings of the Episcopal Church? How do you see a way of being respectful to all and bringing together
Later will be the time for 'concrete', after I actually begin in November.
I do believe that when Jesus said my house is a house of prayer for all people, we must strive to be that. We've worked hard in dio NC to make a place for  liberal and traditional people. I say to them, if you're good with Jesus, we're good to go Ultimately that’s the thing that matters. Deal with each other in love and charity. The spirit of god will create space for all of us

Sewanee- What does future of theological education look like, residential v. regional?
I’m not an expert on theological education, but I am a bishop that sends people for theo ed. The landscape of ed and training for lay and ordained is varied, the days of monochrome ed realities is over In NC we have a mix priesthood candidates, majority still go to a seminary, not all residential though. We also have some formation programs. As a dio bishop, we need our priests as much as possible to be as bi-vocational as possible. I ask candidates to ordination, tell me how you would support yourself if the church is not able to give you a living. If we hope for priest to be bi vocational, why would I send them away to residential seminary for three years? Variety is become the new norm. I think that's a good and exciting thing.

Q-salt lake tribune, Yesterday SCOTUS decision, How do you approach that issue?
Curry appreciates the statement from Bishop Katharine. “Affirmation of true love, the authenticity of love--and we're in the business of love. Where true love is found, God himself is there.
As to marriage in the church, we're in the process of working it out. What form it will take at the end of convention, we'll know when we get there. The reality is that now for us the issues are marriage--fullsome and wholesome for all, not gay marriage or hetero marriage. How do we make marriage noble and lifted up and how do we live into that.
Virtue: .Can you address the massive property litigation. How will you heal the breech between TEC and the global south?
As a bishop i am supportive of our Presiding Bishop and our church and the work that we've done. I am committed to the work of reconciliation. It’s part of our gospel mandate. And I have friends in the global south, where many of the residents look like me. I will be an instrument of God's reconciliation in any way that i can.
Dan Webster, What has prepared you for this new ministry?
I was a priest in the dio MD when elected bishop of NC at  St James,. founded 1824, a  historic AA congregation in center city of Baltimore, western district. It’s located in a desparately poor, high crime area. We spent a lot of time focusing on children and young people
After school programs, beefed up Sunday programs, tutoring--that was our way of reaching into the community so we would become one with them. You might almost call it  integration. We were an AA congregation in AA area, bringing those two worlds together. The Supt of schools worshiped there, the  leading political figures went there. That's the beloved community stuff I’m talking about. The Gospel can help us to come together around that.

I had a dream that the face of Dio NC would look like the face of NC. I have that dream for the Episcopal Church, then we will be truly catholic. People from  differing social backgrounds and world experience.


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