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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wed. June 23, morning presentation

10 am, presentation to convention by Bishop Katharine and PHOD Gay.

Archived video of the presentations:

Presiding Bishop Katharine's opening remarks:

PHOD Gay's opening remarks, text:


  1. 10:15, and I'm in late from staff meeting

  2. PB: Advocacy , compassionate human service and ethical dialogue.

    Every human being is created in the image of God, core to our identity.

  3. This missionary initiative doesn't need updated instructions.
    Love God, work to heal the neighbor...

    we do need a manual for the mission crew

    one size doesn't fit all, although the shape will be similar

    trees have to grow in local soil and adapt to those conditions, all are challenged to grow and be fruitful.

  4. We're learning from the margins and distant outposts.

    The work we begin and continue should keep us in mind of the larger community.

  5. We do not travel alone.
    May we go together.

  6. Meet and befriend the other. No matter who you are afraid of, we need each other. And we need to meet on the field of peace drawing the circle ever wider.

  7. Turn guns into swingsets, chains into park benches. Go out there and find God already at work

  8. Jesus sends on the only journey truly worth our lives.

    Applause from the gathered.

  9. GJ: Today's a big day, welcome 398 new members. 1st time deputies account for 46% of the house, 1st and 2nd time deputies make up 66%. The potential is enormous.

  10. Looking forward to the afternoon's presentations of PB nominees, on the feast of St. John the Baptist. A lunch of locust and honey in the Salt Palace?

  11. Preached on Luke. "Now I'm moving from preaching to meddling"--He had to stop talking and listen--you know who you are.

    What is at stake is the baby's identity. God is moving, strange things are happening, no one knows what is going on.

    What is the baby's name. We've had our own naming issues these past years.

  12. We are standing on holy ground, straining to hear God's words.

    Tilloch, tehologian at Harvard Div School Chicago, The Shaking of the Foundations: Nothing is more surprising as the rise of the new in ourselves.

    By trying to produce it we prevent its coming.

    The new is being born in us just when we least belive in it.

  13. Thinking of Zachariah and Tilloch, let's turn down the volume of the PEW statistics on the church, the endless online articles about what millennials really want...

    when we can do that, we can sense the rise of the new in ourselves

    from the corners of our souls.

    What will we find there in our collective souls?
    Our baptismal convenant

  14. Seeking to find Jesus in the face of all, lists all the points of view on church issues...

    all voices are heard, all people are welcome

    you might be surprised what you find lurking in your soul

  15. On Sat after the community Eucharist we'll have a party and celebrate the saints who have gone before us and who walk amongst us.

    We're going to spend a lot fo time talking about church structure, and we're not going to agree.

    We've probably had our last unanimous vote for a long time.

    We're talking about what is in our souls, what to name the baby,

  16. Can we restructure in a way that continues to honor all orders of ministry.
    What it means to be a priest or a bishop. The faith of governance structures.

  17. God is not done with us yet.

    What new things are rising amongst us.

    Our institutional future is not all of what we're doing.

    Income inequality greater than its been since 1988, racial injustice, too many black young men are caught in the prison pipeline.

  18. We must reckon with our past. We did not do enough to right the wrongs of privilege and inequality in the world around us.

    THis summer, especially we must repent of that. Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore, Charleston

    This is where we have the ability to proclaim black lives matter and take action, justice for every single person.

  19. We can do no less. And we can do it.

    We are people of God shaped by our history, by our faith and by our common prayer.

  20. Pres of ECW: Nancy ____ Greetings from Triennial.

  21. You can watch the whole presentation here:

  22. ECW raising funds and supplies for a SLC youth homeless org.


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