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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wed. June 24, presentations by PB nominees

Live stream at
select "Deputies"

Or, choose the event on Livestream:

Introduction of each of the candidates and bios:


  1. Bishops will know the question areas but not specific questions.
    A giant "walk about".
    Asking us to please hold our applause for nominees to make the most of our time.
    First Tom Breidenthal

  2. Videos are short and informal, not the ones released earlier when nominations were announced. When we can, we'll get links to them if possible. Next is Michael Curry.

  3. Friday morning. Both houses nominate officially.
    Saturday the bishops will vote.
    Then send the results for each ballot to HOD.
    PHOD will refer results without announce to HOD committee.
    That ctte will confer and return and present its report whether or not HOD should confirm or not confirm.
    Then debate and vote on whether or not to conform.
    HOD sends notice to HOB. If HOD votes to confirm, PB elect is presented at HOB.
    If not confirmed, then the HOB needs to keep electing until there is a confirmation.


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