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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 6 - Deputy Booker

We didn't vote on much during Day 6 of General Convention.  It rather feels like we're just trying to build up some dramatic tension.

We met in Joint Session (i.e., with the Bishops) in the morning to discuss the Five Marks of Mission.  This then transitioned to some lovely "thank yous" for the outgoing Presiding Bishop.  We had at one
time the last PB, the current PB, and the PB-elect, all on stage together.  Since our Deputation sits in the back this year, I'm hoping to find a good picture from the Episcopal News Service.

In the afternoon we began going over the plans for re-structuring the church.  We didn't vote on any of those resolutions because the materials hadn't yet been translated into Spanish for the benefit of the deputations from places like Colombia and Venezuela.

On July 1st we will hopefully be deciding on the proposed changes to Church structure and we will discuss the two proposals about marriage passed by the House of Bishops, A036 and A054.  They are well worth reading, and can be found here:

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