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Friday, July 10, 2015

Wrap up

July 10, 2015

A week ago today was our last day at convention!  On Saturday,  July 4th, as I flew home I reviewed the week's work trying to organize it for a presentation at both my churches on Sunday.  When I had completed my 'paper' I realized just why it had taken us 10 days.  The list was really long - some items, obviously, more important than others.

I hope all the people of our Diocese are able to hear Bishop Curry at some time.  He is a wonderful preacher.  He holds your attention for what ever amount of time he speaks.  (He has a reputation of going 'a bit long'.)  He is able to combine the gospel in new ways that speak to your soul and make one think about our world in, maybe, new ways.  His election was not only interesting but the election itself held the deputies and visitors in awe. 

We  have changed  some of the structure of the church. Small  steps that  we can evaluate, expand or contract over time. 

The liturgy and music is going to be reevaluated  we may see a new hymnal and BCP sometime in our future.

Legislation is completed much like in our government  presented in one house (House of Deputies or House of Bishops) passes there and then must pass in the other house.  amendments send it back to house of origin for approval.  Resolutions may and do come from committees for approval.  It is a familiar process but at the same time convoluted.

I sat in on legislative committee hearings.  I listened as  individuals representing themselves, their Diocese, or groups presented information about why some resolution should be approved or not, depending on the side you took.

We marched - the  local paper had our numbers at 1500  - against gun violence.  Not  against owning guns but improved and consistent background checks.  Life is valuable - black or white or green or blue.
We experienced seeing the Mormon Tabernacle and had a wonderful musical venue there.  It was a full, exciting, exhausting, wonderful week.  I am grateful for the experience and look forward to visiting with members of our Diocese as we set up visiting sessions.

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